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Having too much furniture into a small space might be of an eye sore

eye sore


Many times I have entered to a house that I have been told beforehand of how many square meters it was; but I’m surprised to see the little space I have to walk, literally caused me eye sore.

Although we are able to integrate all the elements of a decoration to a space of almost symmetrical form and allowing enough path pound to move; you must know that the decorations should not be perfect in themselves, but natural.

The worst happens when it comes to a small space, if you want to learn not to make these mistakes then read on!

In Decoration, Less is More

Well, someone invited me to see the decoration in a home of some friends that I’ve not seen for many years; They had gone on a trip to several countries before sitting down and looking for a baby.

When they arrived, they showed me that they had included everything in the decor, literally everything they got in their travels.

I do not know if you have traveled, but I assure you that the amount of accessories and souvenirs that can be bought when you make the change from USD to Rupees is overwhelming.

Well, they did not just go to India; they visited 5 countries in total.

It took me an hour to make them understand that the way they had decorated failed in so many ways, specially by the number of things; but they had to give me the reason when I asked them if they did not feel a little pressed or overwhelmed by the walls.

They believed that the color of the walls was the problem, but the truth is that they could not even see the walls. That is why I want to discuss this topic here.

Many people tend to buy details, that’s fine; when you see something that you really like and with which you identify you buy it.

The problem is when we come across an overloaded decoration, when we feel that visual heaviness or that eye sore I’m talking about.

If such a situation occurs, then you may need to review your shopping habits, not just your taste for decoration, but make sure you are not a compulsive buyer.

There is also the other level of complexity in this scenario; it is no longer about whether you like to buy a lot, but rather to acquire.

eye sore
eye sore

Are you a compulsive accumulator?

There are many television shows that have addressed this psychological problem in which they analyze how people cling to things to create dependency.

An overloaded decoration is a serious problem, but a person who does not perceive that their decoration is overloaded is already a serious matter.

And if you know that you are stuffed with more objects than you really need but you cannot get rid of them because you feel emotionally attached; in those cases we are already can facing a medical condition.

In any case, this article is not to discuss that but to advise you of how you should balance the decoration in your home that; despite being ordered, may be overloaded with more objects than it should.

Decorating in function of functionality, avoid de eye sore

You do not have to resort to a minimalist style or a Japanese style in which you should only have what is necessary for the day to day inside your house.

The luxuries, the tastes and one that another caprice; are part of the decoration because it is an exteriorization of the character what is sought to express with the decorative pieces.

However, let’s talk for a moment about the bathroom. The decoration of a bathroom focuses 80% on its functionality, banal or unnecessary objects do not go in the decoration of the bathroom.

The remaining 20% then how is it used?

Is it possible to create a perfectly symmetrical configuration with regard to the position of the lights and the alignment of the products for the skin or hair?

The answer is obviously no, it is not.

Only people with a mild or medium OCD condition emphasize that everything is lined up in the bathroom; whether by brand, quantity remaining within the product or any other particular feature.

Those “decorations” of course do not look natural. And it is here that we enter into the true functionality part. The decoration in a place as functional and practical as the bathroom is not symmetrical.

Why then in the rest of the house are you looking for that kind of symmetry?

The natural order of a decoration is never perfect, can be appreciated fabulous; but keep in mind that perfection is not a natural trait of man. So if you want a house that looks really natural, you should not only avoid overloading the decor with many things; also avoid always adjusting these things somehow or other, you will not be able to integrate them naturally as much as you want.

What to do with all those leftover decor accessories then?

eye sore
eye sore

It’s difficult, I know. But it is also important that you be able to say enough or say goodbye. Flea stores, antique shops and many old school decorative pieces that you can safely have. All of them were part of someone’s collection, some very expensive, Others with a sentimental value so great that money simply could never pay. Same thing, at some point, you should do it with your decoration pieces.

If you want to renovate the decoration of the home you have two options that you can apply to the old pieces:
• Sell them
• Give them to charity

And also there is the option to save them in a box for “posterity” but think about it. If you both like a piece of decoration and if you want to inherit it so much to your children or grandchildren, why do you keep it instead of exhibiting it? If you both like that particular piece then the most logical thing is to display it as a trophy or a torch that in some moment you will give to the new generations.

The best way to avoid that eye sore in a decoration; it’s knowing how to say goodbye to the old pieces, so you don’t have just move them from one place in your house to another.

Tips to Decorate with Less

eye sore
eye sore

Well, I think this is the most subjective point of all. Every interior designer and every person who is a decorator by conviction and vocation; will give you a different advice. So here I give you not the definitive advices, but by which we are guided here in Decorating Visita Casas:

• Always keep in mind that less is more. Decorative accessories can also be practical and multifunctional parts in daily tasks.

• Draw a plan for your decoration. If you want to place a specific piece on a shelf but you find it very difficult to acquire it, do not give up your mission! Look for other alternatives to finally get that piece. Trade, go to auctions, and try to change it for something of equal value. What you should never do, is to fill you with substitutes for the pieces that you could not get. An empty space in the decoration will serve as motivation to try even harder.

• At the time of renewing the decoration; sells, gives, auction and donates. Your decorative pieces that you have already wanted to remove from the decoration; probably are useless for you but a treasure for someone else.

Before you save them for years until they are lucky enough that someone else will discover them; or until they are completely damaged, try to give them a new opportunity to continue showing their beauty.

To throw them in a corner of the decoration is not the solution. Neither is throwing them in a box.

Again, I tell you; there is nothing wrong with letting you be driven by an impulse to buy something that you thought was precious. It is your character talking to you and wanting to be expressed through that piece.

The problem happens when you cling so much to objects that, in order to make “fit” in the decoration; you are able to sacrifice comfort and visual cleaning in your home. There we are talking about a problem.


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