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Home Make–over: Removing Wallpaper and Glue


Wallpaper looked stylish once you display it at your home but in a couple of years you will see that it will start to scream “out of fashion,” and you want to get it off your walls. Stripping wallpaper looks like a pretty easy job but you still need procedures to remove the old wallpaper and glue perfectly. The first thing to do in removing the wallpaperis expunge all wall hangings from the walls and furniture from the room. You have to test a small area, preferably at a corner or at a seam, to see if the old wallpaper will simply peel off. It is a good idea to spread drop cloths on the floor at the base of the walls where you’re removing the wallpaper, in that way it will easy for you to clean up the mess. You are lucky if the old wallpaper easily peel off. If you didn’t skin the way you like it then there may be glue left on the wall, which will have to be abolished.

You are unable to lift the corner of the wallpaper, just apply water or a liquid wallpaper removal solution and exploit it using sponge, spray bottle, or paint roller on the border and to the point where the wall is saturated. The situation will be different if the wallpaper border has a plastic or vinyl laminateover it. You have to lightly scrape/scratch the plastic or vinyl laminate to enable the water or removal solution to penetrate into the backing and glue layers. The wallpaper border will devour the water/liquid and the glue will begin to reactivate and emancipate up. If still ineffective, bestow now a wallpaper scraper or putty knife, as well as your hands, and begin stripping the wallpaper border.

Do you think removing wallpaper is enough? Well think again. You have to get rid of any glue that is left in the walls. The manageable way to purge glue on your walls is through vinegar, fabric and steamer. Prepare a bucket of warm water and few ounces of vinegar. Get a sponge and start wiping the mixture across the wall in which the glue is located. Ten minutes is enough time for the vinegar to start eating at the glue and it should just peel right off. With fabric softener, a mix of 1 part liquid fabric softener to 2 parts water is to onset the removal. Apply the mixtures on the wall with a smudge which works pretty well. Start with the small sections by gently wiping the paper away. Have some clean water and clean sponge to catch the drips that fabric softener. With steamer, just repose it near the glue and you can observe in just a few minutes the glue and stuck paper will slide right off. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on any special products to remove wallpaper glue just look around your house and you will find useful resources.

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