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Wallpapers: Unique Designs for a Unique Personality


Interior designing has always been a major issue in every house due to the fact that we always want the best design in our household. Most of the time, people spend big amount of money just to make sure that their own home has unique arrangements incomparable to others. But the secret that we need to know is, we can do the job by ourselves without spending too much. Let us now discover the practical use of wallpaper designs for interior arrangement of your home!

[one_half_first]There are different designs and prints of wallpapers available. It varies from combinations of color tones, patches and hues to more complicated designs and symbols. The first step of designing a house is assessing yourself and your personality. It is important to note what do you want to see and how do you want to perceive the ambience of your house. Next thing to do is assess your budget. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Know how much you are willing to spend decorating your own house. You need not to buy the expensive ones because you can always make use of your own creativity and resourcefulness by using the things you already have or available at your own home.
Psychedelic style wallpaper
Now that you know the perfect designs for interior impact of your house, you can start personalizing it by putting your own way of designing your home. Do not get shy to unleash your own personality because it is your home, you are the one who will spend more time seeing the designs and arrangement of your house. As much as possible, be as simple as possible. Try to blend in the color of the wallpaper to the natural color of your house to make the perfect combination suited to what you expect. Do not overdo the designing process because it might end up exaggerated and over designed.

To match the arrangement of your wallpapers and design, try to relocate the furniture in your house to emphasize the strong points of your own design. You need not to rearrange everything but make sure to highlight the good parts of your house by minimizing the things near it.
Delicated and classic bedroom wallpaperThe last thing you need to remember in arranging and designing your own house is the natural lighting. Since sunlight is the main source of light everyday, make sure that your design does not darken the whole house. You can save more energy and at the same time, your perception at your own home is lighter and better. You may not be a licensed interior design but having the basic knowledge about interior design is a great help. So what are you waiting for? Design your own house with wallpaper designs for interior bang! Design your own home with your own personality and look at yourself reflected in every corner of your house.

Let your creativity out in making your very own wallpaper star borde

You can make use of the the same star sizes or mix bigger stars with smaller ones to make it look more artistic. You can even connect these stars with the use of a yarn to give it a unique look. You can also opt to have a star banner wherein you can paint a star pattern and decorate it as a wallpaper border. With the use of a glue (1 part of glue to 2 parts of water), you can now attach your pattern on the wall and then coat the top of the star pattern just to make sure that it sticks on the wall.
Making your very own wallpaper border would give you the freedom to choose a design that you really like. Choose the width of the border, the colors, the shapes and the pattern that you would like your walppaper border to have. This is a great way that you can change the look of your room.This is an easy do it yourself job that you will surely enjoy. You can just let your creativityout to plan the border design that you like and you will be surprised you made it in the end!

How to choose wall paper for your home

Wallpapers are one of the most used décor materials in an average home. These wallpaper come in different color, patterns, size and design. Choosing and pasting the right type of wallpaper can transform the whole ambience of a room. However, choosing the right type paper is not always easy and there are few factors that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the basic points that you would need to consider while shopping for the right wallpaper.

a) Room size. The size of the room is very important and depending on the size you will need to consider the wallpaper. For a small room wallpaper with mural print and horizontal line can make the room appear bigger. If the room has higher ceiling then wall paper can make the room appear lower and like wise the lighting of the room. It is therefore important to have a bird eye view of the room.

b) Color. The wallpaper should be able to contrast with other color in the room. If there are stronger colors try to contrast these by lighter tone wallpaper. If your room looks monochrome then bright wallpaper can be a very effective way of bring light and depth to the room. It is also important to do a sampling test before finally choosing the wallpaper.

c) Pattern size. Depending on the size of the room you need to choose the pattern or the graphic. If you want wallpaper with large graphic that is conspicuous then you should look at a bigger room and likewise for small room go for wallpaper that have smaller patterns. Always keep in mind the balance ratio of the graphic to the room.

d) Hanging objects. If you want wallpapers on the part of the room where you would generally hang objects then it is preferable to go for subtle tones but if the objects are bold like mirror or a large painting then you should go for stronger tones and pattern.

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper

The excitement of putting up new wallpaper may be dampened a little when you realise the sheer number of choices in the colors and patterns from which you have to select one that will best suit your surroundings. The following guidelines can help you out in choosing the right wallpaper.
Delicated and classic bedroom wallpaper
Color and Pattern: This part of selecting the wallpaper mostly depends on individual likes and dislikes. But there are a few basic guidelines that will help you to pick the best combination of colors and patterns that are suited to your surroundings. Your favorite color might be a bright orange or pink, but choosing such a loud color for your wallpaper when the rest of you home décor is subdued will be a disaster. In such case you have to curb your enthusiasm and go for colors and patterns that will enhance your home décor to provide a pleasing and elegant atmosphere. A little research and browsing through the numerous guides that are widely available will help you to choose the right colors and patterns for your home. A basic rule to be followed while choosing colors is to select colors and tones that are similar. For instance, if you want to choose different colors for opposite walls, see to it that they match in their tones or textures.

Type and Style: There are numerous types of wallpapers in different styles and patterns and their choice depends on where they are to be applied and of course, your budget. Fancy and expensive wallpaper might look and feel great but they will be useless in places where staining is an issue, like in a kitchen. On wallpapers for kitchens, it is best to go with the practical vinyl wallpapers that are durable, stain-resistant and washable. On the other hand, vinyl-coated wallpaper is not as durable and moreover, they are not stain-resistant, which will be a disaster when used in stain prone areas.
Romantic bedroom wallpaperThe above tips and guides are given just to point you in the right direction to pick the right wallpaper. There are a number of other aspects regarding wallpapers that are to be taken into consideration while selecting the right wallpaper that will suit your surroundings and your existing home décor. Whether you are redecorating your home or choosing wallpaper for your brand new home, it is best to consult a professional before making the final decision.

Wallpaper to Fit Your Style and Pocket

Wallpapers add designs to wherever you want it placed. This can also set the mood of your living room or your bedroom to match the rest of your furniture. As wallpapers have a lot of designs, you have to plan and scout for wallpapers that best suits your taste and your budget before buying one just to make sure you do not regret the choice you made.

Wallpapers do not only set the theme or the mood of the room but it can also create effects that you want to have in a room and when buying wallpapers these are some points you can consider. Dark wallpapers especially when placed in dark rooms may cause a feeling of coldness and being uncomfortable while light colors in big rooms may just make look more empty and huge. You may also find seemingly perfect designs when you see it by rolls however it may look terrible when you actually place it on the wall and you do not have the choice but to live with it or repeat the process.

Things that you can do to make the wallpaper really best for you

• Make sure you know what effects the wallpaper would have on your room. Stripes can make your room look larger however it has the tendency to clash with some of your room furnishings giving it an uncoordinated look. Choose large patterns if you are planning to decorate large rooms and small patterns for small ones.

• Another thing that you can do is to have some samples to take home for you to see whether it fits coordinates with the decorations, the wall, and the furnishings that you have in the room that you would be setting it up.
Delicated and classic bedroom wallpaper
• When looking for the wallpaper that would surely match the room that you will be decorating, see first the furnishings of your room and choose colors that are on those furnishings, and then make these colors your basis in selecting the color of the wallpaper. This would assure you of more coordinated colors.

• Another consideration that you have to make when choosing wallpapers is its durability. Especially when you have children or pets, choose wall papers that are durable and that will not easily fade, choose quality wallpapers to get the best results.
Light-blue wallpaper border
These are some of the things that you need to consider to really say that these wallpapers are the best for you. This could guide you in choosing the perfect wallpaper whichever room you want to decorate. This can also help you make the right decisions when finally purchasing the wallpaper that meet your standards for you not to regret when the wallpaper is finally on your wall.

Wallpapers: you can make the pattern by yourself

It is best if you can make the pattern by yourself. Aside from the fact that you can incorporate some more twists to it, it will have the feel of personal touch. You can add some more twists such as making the heart-shape imperfect or vary its sizes. Imperfect heart-shape or shape that has a little curves and twisting will make your work appear artistic and more interesting. The variations in sizes would be also very helpful towards setting the mood of your room. It will break the usual and boring uniform patterns that are found in some mediocre decorations. Putting some more innovations such as adding dots or additional figures on your heart pattern will make your work trendy and hip.

If you are not that artistic enough to make your own pattern, you can also check some old newsprints or magazines that have heart shapes on it. Or the easiest way is to browse the internet and choose from among the wide variations of heart-shape pattern available online. Cut and trace the pattern using the marker on your cardboard and you have your stencil ready. It is also important to consider that the purpose of making your wall paper border is to make your room appear more attractive and have a fresh look so be careful in executing your heart design or in adding some more twists. Remember that simplicity is classy and being too glitzy with the design could sometimes turn messy. Of course, we don’t want that to happen.
Romantic bedroom wallpaper
The choice of the color for the paint that you will use is also very important. Oftentimes, it is the color you chose that will make or break your wall paper border. Your favorite color will be the most comfortable to apply especially if this will blend with the over-all theme of your room. A combination of two or more contrasting colors usually works well in this. You can also try to play with the color sequence but be careful so it would still appear balance and symmetrical. Another thing, before you start the work on your wall, measure first the distance and sequence of your patterns so you have at least a clearer estimates of how your work will appear. Once more, give a new life to your room; add a do-it-yourself heart wall paper border.

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