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How do I Install a Projector in a Conference Room?


A projector as what it names says is an apparatus for projecting a picture on a screen. It is a great aid and help to every teacher and is an asset for every conference meeting. The device can either be an overhead, slide projector or a film projector. You can either have professionals install the projector or you can also do it yourself. So, how are you going to install a projector in a conference room? Usually, the slide or the film projectors are easy to install since doing their set up does not require plug and mount installation work. They can be set or just put on the table; this kind of method is called table top.

The advantages of installing a table top projector are:
• Less time for set-up
• Little or having no calculations at all
• Less tools used
• Short cable is required thus projecting high quality videos
• Installation is less expensive
• Having a screen is optional

The things you need are:
• Equipments (projector, screen and other accessories)
• Cables (audio, video and power)
• Location of screen and projector

Classic proyector

1. You can either install hooks or mountain brackets or hang the screen at a desired location.
2. Plug-in the projector and try to find the perfect location where your projector emits high and perfect resolution.
3. Place the projector on a table or on a flat sturdy surface.
4. Then connect video cables to the projector after which connect audio and video cable to sources. Refer to your user manual.
5. Install and test the projector.

They do not fare well security wise, people can trip over people and people can easily walk on light path. A ceiling projector is usually much more secure and they do not need to be moved and to be properly kept. Having to install a ceiling-mounted projector can be a tricky business if you do not have all the facts. Using this kind of method usually needs professional but installing this all by yourself can be manageable.

Advantages of using this type of installation:
• Wire does not surfaces
• Looks professional
• No tripping over wires
• Projector cannot be tampered
• Difficult to walk on light path

Ceiling proyector

There are a lot of things you need using this type of installation. From basic installation tools up to mounting hardware; from having to use calculation method-projector distance calculation and image offset calculation. Here are the steps:
1. Drill holes for cables and wires. For cable drop down purposes.
2. Measure and calculate projector positioning and projection screen.
3. Drill holes for ceiling mount and for projector screen.
4. Install the ceiling mount and the projector.
5. Install projection screen and test the projector.

Other considerations to be considered in installing projectors are the ventilation, security features and projector model.

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