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How to Clean Air Conditioner Coils


These days, air conditioners are more or less common place. They can be found in many homes and offices and are almost necessities in malls and other enclosed public areas. As they are not exactly cheap appliances, air conditioners must be well maintained and taken care of so that they may continuously be used in the different areas they can be found in. For this reason, the importance of knowing how to clean air conditioner coils cannot be more stressed.

Many air conditioner owners, especially those that have them just in their homes or apartments, are not even aware of how dirty an air conditioner can get. Although air conditioners can stay relatively clean-looking on the outside, they can get very dirty on the inside. Regular checks and clean-ups are necessary in order to keep an air conditioner working properly. As dirt and filth build up inside the air conditioner, these diminish the air conditioner’s ability to absorb and manipulate air, causing a number of subsequent problems to follow. These problems could include the air coming from the air conditioner to be room temperature or even warm, or the air conditioner could begin using up greater amounts of electricity.

The first step in learning that involves removing the outermost grill. Depending on the air conditioner model, one may simply slide the grill off or use screwdrivers to remove it. Make sure to study one’s air conditioner grill before attempting to remove the grill in a certain way as the wrong kind of force might damage it. Next, one must carefully remove the filter in order to expose the air conditioner coils. Dust or other foreign materials resting on the coils must be thoroughly removed and a vacuum cleaner could be a good job for this. If one does not own a vacuum cleaner, a rag or a feather duster can also be used to clean coils. Make sure to be very careful not to bend or undo any of the air conditioner coils during this process.

Next, one can straighten out bent or misshapen air conditioner coils using a comb. Combs for this job are usually available at nearby appliance or hardware stores. Lastly, when everything has been thoroughly cleaned and aligned, all the pieces of the air conditioner must be put back into place. The regularity of cleaning one’s air conditioner should depend on the amount of use the air conditioner is put to. For example, if the air conditioner is used on a daily basis, a monthly cleaning would be recommended. Make sure to pay close attention to how one’s air conditioner is working and when it might need a good clean. With proper maintenance, one’s air conditioner will surely be in good shape for a long time to come.

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