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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets


Having the right kitchen cabinets inside your kitchen area is a must for all smart homeowners. Selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for one’s home is one thing while keeping them spotless and looking new is another. There are many handy tips on how to keep kitchen cabinets looking brand new and beautifully maintained. It takes a lot of time and effort but it’s very fulfilling to keep these kitchen cabinets looking good as new.

How to clean kitchen cabinets depends on how you schedule your cleaning. It can be a quick and easy task or it can even take the entire day long depending on how long it has been since the last time you cleaned them. The difficulty is that grease, food particles, smoke and anything else circulating through the air inside the kitchen area sticks to the kitchen cabinets, thus causing them to get dirty. A mild dishwashing liquid is suggested to be the most excellent kitchen cabinet cleaning product. Although there are many kinds of all-purpose household cleaner or even the natural remedies used for cleaning, a mild dishwashing liquid is more advisable because it cuts grease but does not create any additional buildup to make the kitchen cabinets feel sticky.

When cleaning kitchen cabinets, pay particular attention to the area around cabinet door handles and drawer pulls since these places are inclined to be the stickiest. Removing cabinet hardware before the general cleaning is necessary to help make cleaning around these areas easier. How to clean kitchen cabinets does not only involve keeping them clean but also making them pleasing to the eye. Thus, making them shiny by buffing them with furniture wax adds to the cleaning procedure.

The following are some easy steps to prevent a regular cleaning which is difficult to squeeze in especially in one’s busy schedule. Also, these steps will not only save time intended for cleaning but will help extend the life of the kitchen cabinets making them look as brand new as the first day they were bought. One tip is to immediately clean liquid or food spills in kitchen cabinets, especially if they are made of wood. Another tip is to pick up items rather than sliding them across surfaces to avoid scratches. These tips may seem ordinary but with a little patience and a simple cleaning routine, kitchen cabinets can be maintained in perfect condition for years to come.

Once the kitchen cabinets are cleaned, end the cleaning procedure by a periodic wipe down in order to not go through the entire process of cleaning again. A typical homeowner would opt for wood-made kitchen cabinets with a catalyzed conversion varnish since this type only needs to be cleaned occasionally by wiping the cabinet with a damp cloth and drying it with a soft cloth. In point of fact, it does not matter what your kitchen cabinets are made of as long as you keep them clean and tidy.

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