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How to Create a Japanese Inspired Dining Room


We all know that the Japanese inspired dining rooms are composed of some low tables whereas the diners sit on the floor with a pillow on it. This is also one of the characteristics that Japanese are being popularly known. Now let us discuss some of the interior design which creates a Japanese inspired dining room tips for all of us who wants to have a Japanese inspired dining room in our own home.

Japanese styled table

The first one is by simply putting some artwork in our dining room. We could simply hang some Kimono which is traditionally worn by the Japanese or we can even put some Japanese swords in our wall. If none of these two attracts us, we could simply choose to put some large landscapes which are a reminiscent of toile for the Japanese or even some painted fans if that interest us. Another interior design which creates a Japanese inspired dining room is that we should have some wall treatment. For some Japanese, their choice of wall colors should just come from the color palette of white, cream, black, and red. Aside from those colors, gold is also being popularly known and used by the Japanese in most of their designs.

The third one that we should always consider is our window treatments. We could simply use a shoji screens made out of rice paper to serve as our window shade which could be just under a very simple gold or black fabric covered with some cornice boards. The fourth one involves our chosen furniture; as mentioned above, Japanese don’t usually use chairs. They just sit on the floor with some tatami mats. But then, if we wanted to follow this Japanese tradition and yet don’t find it very comfortable for us, we could then make use of some pillows where we could sit to have a much softer and comfortable seat.

Japanese decorating style

Aside from all of those tips that have been mentioned above, we should also take some consideration with some of our tableware which should be also a Japanese inspired one; as well as our chosen fabric patterns and a lot even more. An interior design which creates a Japanese inspired dining room is a very stylish and trendy one. This is the one which is popularly being used by a lot of families who wants to experience a Japanese ambiance while eating in their own dining room. Now, we could enjoy eating like we are really eating in a real Japanese inspired restaurant at the comfort of our own home.
We just have to learn some Japanese cooking for us to be able to have the greatest experience that we ever wanted to have without having to spend much.

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