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How to Grow a Butterfly Garden in Florida?


Growing a butterfly garden is a great way to beautify one’s yard and help attract many different beautiful butterflies found in Florida. Most of the butterfly gardens are also attraction for beneficial insects and hummingbirds. Productive butterfly gardens do not require a large land area because a great impact can be brought by even a few key plants.

Whether you grow it in a patio container or over several acres, butterfly gardening can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. Regardless of the size, the same basic concepts are applied. There is a most important thing to understand if you want to know how to grow a butterfly garden in Florida, that different butterflies have different requirements change throughout their life cycle. A butterfly garden that is well- planned should appeal to many different butterflies, and cater to both the adults and their larvae. It is very essential to choose a proper garden design and plants. Those will help influence which butterflies are attracted, how to remain in the area and reproduce there.

Butterfly garden

It is really not necessary to include larval host plants to attract butterflies, but adults tend to stay fairly close to the areas where their larval food plants can be found. These things require planning and there are few basic rules to follow. Be as creative as you wish, but start with a plan that considers the requirements of the butterflies you wish to attract and the plants you will use to lure them.

Butterfly gardening is a not difficult pursuit and must be based on butterfly preferences, not human ones. Fortunately, butterfly and human favorites are mostly compatible. Do you wish to know more on how to grow a butterfly garden in Florida? Find out how to start planning as you read this. Planting and growing a productive butterfly garden is not hard, but it requires proper planning and a little basic research. Even Florida boasts over 180 different butterflies, you can’t attract species that do not naturally occur in your region, nor can you grow plants that aren’t adapted to the soils and climate in your region. To help you get started, follow these easy steps to plan your garden.

Monarch butterfly

First, provide a butterfly region map and determine the region from which you live. Then, look for your region in the Florida butterflies tables, highlight the species that occur in your area, and use habitats that can be found within 1/4 mile of the site you are considering for your butterfly garden. Research a butterfly nectar plants by region list for you to know where in your region you can find a source of butterfly nectar plants. If you have planned and decided all the needed requirements, then you are very ready to grow your own butterfly garden. This listed very easy ways on how to grow a butterfly garden in Florida.

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