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How to Install an Elevator?


The elevator installation is helpful for the wheelchair bound and aged persons. Elevators make life of the people more comfortable. Elevators are classified according to the number of floor the building has to be installed. The small elevators are ideal for buildings with two to three floors.

Antique elevator with wooden doors

Small commercial elevators are designed to provide economical, safe, smooth and reliable vertical transportation. They can be used in both existing and new buildings. These elevators are characterized by several loading configurations to suit a wide variety of construction and budgetary requirements. Compared to the typical commercial elevator, small commercial elevators are so made to take up less space, and use fewer overhead clearances and fewer shafts. Small commercial elevators are also less expensive. A purchaser can opt for one in standard or custom design. These days, a variety of models of such elevators with standard and optional features is available. The models of the elevators differ from each other in terms of their design, speed range, color and cab finishes. If you want to know how to install an elevator, continue reading this article. This will give you the steps on how to do it especially, if you want to install one in your home.

Decide first what you will use the elevator for and buy it accordingly. For an instance, you just need to lift things from one floor to another, then you’ll need a dumbwaiter which is less expensive and easier to install. But if you need help to climb stairs, you’ll need a stair lift which is also easy to install and is less complex. In installing this type of elevator, the first thing you have to do is to lay the lower track on the stairs and attach the brackets to the steps with the screws that came with your stair lift. There will be a bracket at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom and one or more somewhere in the middle, in most cases.

Residential elevator

You have to be sure that you lay the track on the wall side of the stairs, not the railing side, so you don’t block people walking up and down. The next step is to install the call box wiring. The lift will come with a wire that will alert it to come down when it is at the top of the stairs. The cord will need to be fed through the track from the bottom to the top. You need to be sure to feed it through against the wall and underneath the track so that it stays out of the way. The track may have a specific place for it to clip on to the underside then lay the upper track on top of the lower track. The upper track should slide onto the lower track and screw in, then you can connect it to the brackets you’ve already attached to the stairs. The next thing to do is to install the chain that will serve as a pulley the chair up and down. Next, feed the seat’s power cable through its slot in the track. Then, attach the seat to the track using the supplied screws. Put the seat in a position that will be comfortable for the user. The user should not try it out until it is securely attached. Finally, plug the main power cable into the bottom of the track, and plug the other end into the wall outlet.

The above things are to be remembered or read if you want to know how to install an elevator.

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