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How to Install Subpanel Center in Basement?


Your main electrical panel can only accommodate a certain number of connections. There will come a time when it will become too occupied to have any more link attached to it. This is a problem when you decide to ‘extend’ your electricity to the least used areas in the house like the basement. During this situation, it is not advisable to add another circuitry. Instead, you can install a sub panel. Most homeowners will employ a professional electrician, but if you are up for the challenge you can do it by yourself. Here are some things to remember to know how to install a subpanel center in the basement.

Plan on it
As with any installation, it is imperative that you plan everything. From the target location to the tools you will need, you have to strategize everything to the bone. Check your state’s electrical standards first so you will have a guide to follow. Measure the basement and draw a plan, keeping in mind the future improvements you will implement after you install the subpanel.

Installing a subpanel

Ready your materials
Clean your basement first. Installing a subpanel in the basement can be arduous when there is a lot of clutter in the room. Make sure that you have all of the tools and materials you need. Place them where you can easily reach them. Set up a good lighting to avoid accidents, in doing electrical works one mistake can be fatal. Be sure that the lighting will not get in the way of the installation process.
If there is an existing yet non-working subpanel in the basement, it would be better to remove it first.

Mark the walls
Use a pencil to outline exactly where you desire to install the sub panel. This will help you do a precise work and keep you from going astray from the plan. Be sure to get the exact measurement of the sub panel so that everything will fit perfectly.

Mount the Sub Panel
Prepare the subpanel first for mounting. It is advisable that any covers, doors and partitions be removed first because they can get in the way in the installation. .
After doing this, you can attach a plywood backboard first. Make sure that it is sturdy enough to stay attached to the wall while bearing the weight of the sub panel. Be sure that it is securely fastened to the wall. Attach the subpanel to the board.

Subpanel center

Install the sub panel
Double-check the sub panel if it is securely mounted. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Attach the wires as described in the users’ manual.

When you are done, test it if it works. If it does not, contact a professional to troubleshoot it to prevent the risk of burning the subpanel.

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