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How to Keep Dogs From Barking and Coming to your Yard

Dog is a man’s best friend. True, for those that love dogs and see them as companions. But for those who adorn other kinds of pets or just hate animals, dogs can be really annoying.

To people who are too busy with their daily activities and does not have time to pamper a pet, a barking dog in their backyard is really irritating. Instead of doing their work, more time will be spent chasing the dog away which will later just comeback to admire the lawn. This causes a lot of problems, especially when the dogs play in the yard and pee or take a shit on it. Worst case is, your plants and lawn will be destroyed or your children’s lives will be put to a risk of being bitten by dogs that are not familiar with them. As a solution to this problem and to prevent complications to happen, here are some tips on how to keep dogs from barking and coming in your yard:

Dog in the backyard

• Put some urine from bears and wolves. Back at the medieval times, barbarians discovered that dogs actually run away from the scent of bears’ and wolves’ urine. These animals mark their territory by peeing on it so dogs understand the scent as sign for them to stay back.

• Put a sign in your front yard for dog owners to read. Dogs usually go out of their masters house with the permission of that lazy guy who does not want to from his comfortable sofa and take the dog out for a walk. Other pet owners would take the dog for a walk and when it shits, they are either too lazy to pick up the stuff or just for got to bring their hand shovel. With these people running wild together with their dogs, make a sign around 6” x 6” and put something that says, “If your dog needs to use the bathroom, my yard does not have it. Ask the other house if their’s has.”

Barking dogs

• The best thing that you could do is to put up a fence. Try to make sure that it is high enough so the dogs will not be able to jump through it. This secures your yard from stray dogs and insures that your children will be safe while having a good time together. Also, pet owners will know the boundary between the public road and the residential lot. Hence, they will be aware of where NOT to take their dogs for a shit.

Do these steps and dogs will definitely be kept from barking and will no longer come to your yard.

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