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How to protect environment from pollution


Our environment these days is heavily affected by pollution and it’s getting worse as days and years go by. If this will continue even further then what will happen to our future? What about our children and the coming generations? Will they still be able to breathe fresh air and swim on crystal clear waters? Before the situation gets much worse, let’s do our best today to save what is left on our environment.

Protecting the environment means not leaving a large economical foot print on the earth. Now, how do we do this? How do we save our environment for the future generation?
First, we must use our water wisely and sparingly. Do not just let it go down the drain. While washing your fruits and vegetable, you may just fill your sink with water and wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. You may also use the same water to wash the dishes. When it comes on watering plants and grass in your front yard, you may adjust your sprinklers so that water will not just be wasted by reaching the sidewalk. Use water efficient shower heads, sprinklers, and faucets. Throw your tissue on the trash can instead of throwing it in the toilet. Do not throw your garbage at the sea or to the rivers nearby.

Second, we must also value the air that we breathe. Clean air is very important to our health and to be able to maintain the clean air that we have, we must plant more trees and encourage everyone to do so as well. Choose pump sprays, and not aerosol sprays, choose latex paints over oil-based ones. Drive smart, and don’t overfill your gas tank. Though pollution is mainly produced by factories, we can also give our deepest contribution to save our environment.

Third, we should eliminate extra wastes. When going shopping for groceries, don’t go for those products with major packaging. Don’t just toss away all the wrappings, but recycle them instead. Go for second-hand stuffs and shop at the local farmers market for food. Also bring your own shopping bag so that the use of plastic bags may decrease.

Fourth, we should encourage recycling our wastes. Separate paper from plastics and glass. Maximize the use of recycle-friendly trash cans. You can also recycle old clothing, cars, electronics, etc. by donating them.

And lastly, pause for awhile just to make sure if what you’re doing and what you’re about to do would be a big help to the environment. Let us think environment-friendly thoughts and be mindful of our actions. By doing this, you will not only help the environment but afterwards, you will feel great by just knowing that you did your own part on saving it.

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