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How To Repair Peeling Wallpaper

You were so excited moving in to your new home, fixing and arranging every little detail to your liking. After all, this is where you intend to spend most of your precious time with your loved ones. And the walls of each room are no exception. With a lot to think about and to choose from, you just don’t know how to decide. To paint or to paper? Colors, patterns, etc. Finally, you settle for flower patterned wallpaper for your daughter’s room. Wallpapers are a good alternative for paints with a lot of designs to choose from, even to match your furniture and home decors.

But as much as you would like to these wallpapers to remain as glued to the wall as the day you fixed it, it just won’t stick forever! Over time and with other factors such as humidity, wallpapers are bound to peel. Here are some ideas on how to repair peeling wallpaper if you do not want to change it just yet or you simply do not have the time or the money to re-paper the whole room.
To repair peeling wallpaper you would need the following materials: sponge, wallpaper glue, paint brush and a seam roller or a squeegee.

The first step to repair peeling wallpaper is to dampen the peeled area with a sponge to saturate the glue, then gently lift the peeled wallpaper for as much as it can be lifted, carefully doing so without tearing the whole thing apart. Make sure that the area is smooth and no glue is left on the surface. Wipe off any excess water to make sure it is dry and ready. With the use of a paint brush, apply a thin layer of wallpaper glue on the surface, spreading just enough to cover the entire area. Press the wallpaper back to the wall, making sure it is even and smoothened out.

Any excess glue can be wiped off with the use of a damp sponge. Just make sure that sponge is not too wet otherwise it will buckle. To even out the wallpaper and make sure it fixed smoothly, you can use a seam roller and run it over the area, or in the absence of a seam roller, a squeegee can perform the same role. This can also help to make sure bubbles are avoided. However, should there be bubbles on the paper, another trick is to cut over the bubbles with a very thin, sharp knife to release the air and with the use of the paint brush, apply glue on the back flaps of the wallpaper. You can then run it over again with the seam roller or squeegee just to make sure.

Another useful idea in wallpapering is to make sure you buy enough materials. Should there be cases like this when you need to repair peeling wallpaper. An extra roll or so would come in handy.

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