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How to Save Energy with Air Conditioner


‘Big’, this word often frustrates women when it comes to electric bills. Electricity is in a business deal with your appliances. Electricity will keep them running for you to be more convenient and depend on them. Now, appliances depend upon the availability of electricity that you will pay for. Everyone gets what they need, appliances get their juice, users get their convenience and electricity is just happy with the thought of being needed and that you would pay anything for it so just not to ruin that cool feeling while watching your favorite show and re-heating a pizza at the same time.

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So with everyone’s wants and need fulfilled, everyone must be happy right? Well, not really because when the electric bill comes, that big smile of yours will slowly turn to a frown while our eyebrows forcefully meet each other. Each day, people activate several appliances and gadgets – TVs, radios, home theaters, computers, ovens, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners and many more. Even just by a turning these appliances on and off, you are already given consuming much power. One of the appliances that eat up too much electricity –thus contributing greatly to your bill- is the air conditioner. But even if the with the huge bills, you still would not want to replace your air-conditioner with a hand fan. With all these taken into consideration, we strongly suggest that you utilize these cool tips on how to maintain and save energy with air conditioners:
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• First thing to consider make sure that there are no leaks and that the air conditioner ducts in the system is fully insulated and sealed properly. Leaks cause around 30-40 percent of the energy to be wasted.
• Automate your air conditioner. If your machine does not have this feature, try to install an electronic setback thermostat. This allows you to program when the air conditioner should start. Hence, you do not have to turn it all day until you go back home.
• If it is possible, try to find a proper spot for the air conditioner without exposing it to too much sunlight. This insures that less energy would be needed in running it.
• In winter, set the room temperature between 18-21oC while in summer, put it at around 23-26 oC. Due to lack of humidity in summer, 23-26o C should feel cooler. And try to close the curtains on a hot summer day or cold winter nights.
• Pre-cool the room by turning the air conditioner before the day turns hot.
• Close the windows and doors when using the air conditioner.
• On summer days, adjust the air flow towards the ceiling. It would be the other way around if it is winter. Note that hot air rises while cool air subsides lower.
• Make a habit of cleaning your air conditioner. Refer to the manufacturers’ manual.
• If you have the budget, replace your old air conditioner with a new and more efficient unit. This is a long term investment in which you can save tons of money from your bills.

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