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How to Start an Appointment Reminder Service from Home?


People of today’s generation are getting busier everyday. Sometimes, we even forget our appointments to our dentist and doctor and just before we utter a word, the appointment will then be canceled. Do you need to wait people to get mad at you for having been such a forgetful person who mixed up appointment? The truth is that, if you will just take time to do it at home, you can set everything properly. All you need is just to know how to start an appointment reminder service from home and everything will turn out right.

The following are some of the suggested tips you can consider in setting up your own appointment reminder service from home:

• Make a checklist
Before you decide to finally setup your own appointment reminder service at home, consider the following questions and answer them to help you out.
– Do you like making calls?
– Are there other people who have this type of service in your area?
– Does it bother you to leave important messages in your answering machines?
– Do you think your enthusiasm is too high to conquer everything just to put up this service?
If your answers are favorable, perhaps this business will work out for you.

• Choose the best type of service provider located in your area
Make a list of potential buyers in your area. This may include doctors, office executives, dentists, accountants and lawyers. Include other people who do not belong in the given categories but you think will need this type of service. These are the people who regularly schedule clients for appointments and things like that.

• Make a brochure or sales letter to outline the benefits of the appointment reminder service

Discuss in your brochure or sales letter the importance of this type of service. Be sure to take note of the advantages these people will get if they will hire your services. Tell them how to increase their efficiency in their businesses if they will just try your new venture. Don’t forget to make your own calling card to distribute for promotion afterwards.

• Decide on your billing system and miscellaneous policies

Decide when to charge phone calls. It could be on a weekly or daily basis; it really depends on you. Make sure to protect the identities of your clients also by providing them a non – disclosure agreement. Plan all these things beforehand.

• Ask for necessary permissions for this business
You need to apply for a business license so that you will have your own business name that will help you get your own identity.

• Promote your business as hard as you can
Think of the things you need to do in promoting your business. Distribute pamphlets, flyers and calling cards. Start sending newsletters to your contacts in your email once you get started. Home visitations and other forms of telemarketing will really help.

• Do business
Once you get to have clients, do the necessary things to keep it going. Each office will send you their daily list and phone numbers of people with scheduled appointments. You will be calling and confirming appointments all throughout the day and this will really keep you busy but enjoy if you really like what you are doing.
If there are some cancellations of appointments and rescheduling, you will also take note of that.

After all these things, you will no longer have even a single minute to be wasted. Each appointment of your client will keep you busy. Each transaction will make your business grow and will definitely make other businesses bloom as well. So what are you waiting for? Just follow these tips on how to start an appointment reminder service from home and you will see how great this business will become.

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  1. This is something I’d never thought about, to be honest, but I am very intrigued by it. I would love to be able to work at home and control my own time. I’m not sure this is exactly the right thing for me, but it is food for thought.

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