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How to Tie Bows Decorative?


Gifts are lovely surprises. What makes them even more enjoyable is how gifts are packaged. Packaging speaks well on how the gift giver has thought of the gift to the very last detail of its inside content and outward appearance. Gaily wrapped gifts are further enhanced by the addition of a ribbons or bows. How to tie bows decorative can be easy and fun. Just a mixture of materials and improvised tools and you’re set on making decorative ribbons.

Tie bows for decorate cards

For the preparation:
• Gather an assortment of ribbon sizes. Strips can be as narrow as 1 centimeter to as thick as 3-4 inches. It’s good to have varied sizes to create various combinations.
• You may need the following: a pair of scissors; a cutter; a ballpen or pencil; a ruler or tape measure; double adhesive tapes; liquid glue; glue gun and stick; stapler and staple wire; glitters and strings.

How to do simple ribbon base for rectangular gifts:
• Get 2 pieces of ribbons of different size and color. The size can be a 1.5 inch strip and a 1 centimeter strip. The color combination should be complimentary. Color choices can be 1) dark and light; 2) bold and discreet; 3) plain and printed; 4) shiny and subdued; and 5) transparent and opaque.
• First, wrap the large strip of ribbon on the gift box horizontally by taping one end in the center of one side of the box and holding the rest as it goes around the box until it meets the other taped end. Tape both ends at the junction or where the two ends met. Twist a little and wrap it continuously in the vertical direction. Cut and tape at the junction. Now, you have made a cross as base. You can move the cross to the sides, upward or downward.
• Next is to do the same for the smaller strip of ribbon by placing it on top of the larger ribbon and following the same instruction above.
• Put tapes strategically to keep the two strips together. And you have a ribbon base.

How to tie a simple bow:

• You can use the large strip of ribbon or the same 2-strip combination like you used in the ribbon base.
• To make a simple bow is cutting about 10-12 inches of ribbon strip, fold it in half, and hold from the middle and make a two-inch fold from the middle going towards the two ends. Twist and tie the two folded parts, one on top of the other. Just like how a boy scout will do it. Plump it up and you’ll now have a basic ribbon.
• Hold the two ends of the ribbon and make v-cuts or triangles. The ribbon ends will now look like fish tails.

Modern tie bow decorative

• Tape the junction of the ribbon to the junction of the ribbon base.
How to decorate further:
• Use the smaller strip of ribbon and cut about 8-10 inches. Fold in half to get the center. Hold one end of the ribbon and roll it around the ballpen or pencil, making about 5-6 turns. Let go slowly. Now you’ll have made a curl. Do the same on the other end to make both ends curl.
• You can make one of this or two, depending on how big the package is. Place the curls in the middle of the bow or slightly beneath it.
• For a glamorized effect, make glue dots on your ribbon base and sprinkle with glitters. Do this on the front side only.

Learning how to tie bows decorative is doing the basics first and accessorizing to achieve a more decorative effect. It’s in the matter of color choices, ribbon combinations and adding a little pizzazz.

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