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Improve your fortune: Get our seven thirty-minute Feng Shui tips


Do you want to improve your fortune and make the best out of your life – from wealth, relationships, health and life-long happiness? Then, Feng Shui is just perfect for you. Feng Shui is a century-old Chinese practice of putting things at its right place to help generate more positive energies or Chi in Chinese and to eliminate the negative one. Though Feng Shui is perceived as a complex discipline, some of its basic principles are not hard to learn either. If you are keen enough to have a life that is something new and refreshing, you can try our seven thirty-minute Feng Shui tips below. What you have to do is only to do a little fixing in your home, just a little bit really, and will only take about 30 minutes of your time.

FengShui kitchen

1. Clean your room from any clutters. The positive energy could flow better if your room is fixed and free from any litters. If not in use, your things and other personal belongings are better kept in cabinet. For other smaller objects that you frequently used such as remote, keys, writing pens and the like are better kept in an organizer. Also, do not place anything under your bed so you will have a better and more relaxed feel.
2. Get some plants for your home. Plants generate a positive energy and can keep the air circulation clean and fresh. However, there are some types of plants that are not good as your houseplants. Keep away from those thorny and spiky plants or those that have sharp, pointed or dying leaves. These could distort the energy flow and is not good for Feng Shui. Also, avoid bringing inside your bedroom huge plants but instead get something that is just enough to add to your decoration.
3. Keep you bedroom peaceful and relaxing. You bedroom should make you relax, so keep it free from any distracting sound and whatsoever noise or too much and unnecessary entries of air. If you feel that there is too much air entries or noise, look for the leaks and try to fix it using available materials in your home.
4. Arrange your bed to improve your sleeping pattern. Your bed should be positioned in a way that the door of your room is visible to allow the entry of good energy from the room’s entrance into your bed. However, it should not be positioned directly opposite to your door. You should not also place human-sized or large mirrors inside your bedroom especially if you are experiencing sleeping disorder.
5. Get rid of the old memorabilia with sad past. If you want to improve your romantic potentials, you should not place anything associated to your failed past relationships such as us presents, love letters or photographs of your former fiancé. Instead, display something that could generate love energy such as flowers, a pair of hearts, candles and romantic artworks.
Feng Shui mirrors

6. It’s now time to check your bathroom. You bathroom serves as a storage place for the not-so-good energy in your house so it is advisable that you keep them always closed. Also, keep the toilet bowl cover down when not in use. Putting a mirror outside your bathroom door is also advisable.
7. Let the water flows as well. Feng Shui experts suggested that it is good to have a fountain or even just an aquarium in your home. Accordingly, flowing waters can trigger the flow of good energy. If you want to improve your fortune in wealth, you can position your fountain in the Southeast area of your home.

So that’s it, so simple indeed. Enjoy fixing!

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