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Just When You Thought Speakers will Always be Part of the Scene


Everyone wants to have a well-decorated home theater room. It is because the home theater is the best place for spending time with the family, especially during their leisure time. Friends are usually invited over also to the home theater to watch the latest movie. Therefore, each family decorates their home theater to make it more comfortable and pleasing to the eye of every watcher.

However, when something is quite distracting while watching, the whole viewing experience is affected. Something that blocks the screen will really distract watchers. Mind you, even the theater speakers are disturbing to the eye. Why? It’s because they are just right at the two sides of the screen, or sometimes, they are placed at the front sides and at the back sides. They are really distracting. What do you do to prevent it from disturbing the viewing experience of your visitors? Well, you can always decorate your home theater in such a way that your speakers won’t be noticed.

Modest home theatre speakers

For example, you can place the speakers on appropiate furnitures. You can buy floating shelves at the nearest décor store. You can choose from the simple glass to the wooden block. You have a variety of floating shelves to choose from. You can also put away the speakers from the eyes of the viewers by creating a hole in your walls so as to install your speaker system there. It will remain unnoticed since the speakers are now just a part of your wall, unlike when you have shelves beside your screens.

Well, you can still do that, but you can paint the shelves in such a way that the shelves complement the color of the screen or anything that is around it. If you paint your shelves with bright colors, that will surely be distracting. Also available at the décor stores are wall sconces with different shapes. You can place your walls there without having to make it look boring, just like when you only have a square shelf for your speaker.

Home theatre speakers

It depends on what color you would like to have for your wall sconces but these would surely go away from the traditional boring square. You can also put some decorations or figurines or any other elements around the shelves so that the speakers would remain unnoticed. At least, the decorations around the shelves are pleasing to the eye; say a picture of a painting or an angel figurine. You surely have many options when decorating your home theater. You were wrong when you can’t do anything with the speakers because you can think about many ways to hide it or to make it look unnoticed. It is all up to your decorating prowess.

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