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Learn How to Faux Paint Finishes


Do you love to admire antique stuffs but just do not have sufficient money to buy one? Well then, try to make your own. Do not spend that much money on something you can make yourself. Antique houses and furnitures look classy and make you feel cozier. But the cost can sometimes be too much to handle. An alternative solution would be to make or buy a new, cheaper one then finish it with faux painting. Below are some step by step instructions on how to faux paint finishes:

Step 1 First try to find the furniture you want to customize. It would be better to start with something small like a counter top or a bar table and possibly a part of your wall.

A man fauxing paint finishes

Step 2 When you have settled for item you want to configure, start by sanding its surface well using coarse sand paper so that paint will stick properly and the rough look will add to the distressed effect.

Step 3 Then apply your first coat of paint. Note that the color of this first paint will appear least on the finished product.

Step 4 After drying the first coat of paint, add a second layer to the entire surface. This layer should be the first wax layer and should be applied using cloth. Let the wax settle.

Step 5 Next, apply another coat of paint with a different color than that of the first one. After it dries, repeat the process of applying the wax layer. Hence, you now have two layers of wax and paint.

Step 6 Apply a crackle medium with the same consistency as your paint. Use a brush and cover the whole surface.

Faux finished furniture

Step 7 After the medium dries, paint in the final layer of your paint using tough bristle brushes; this will add to the distressed effect. The paint should contain the color that you want to appear most. Upon applying the paint, notice that it will crackle as the medium did. Be careful to properly cover and complete the surface evenly on you first try for when the paint dries up and you pass it again, you will loose the crackle effect.

Step 8 Once the final layer has dried, sand the surface carefully and gently. Forceful sanding can remove the crackle effect, so it will be ideal to go smoother on the whole surface.

Step 9 To maximize the distressed effect, sand the corners and high points of the item or wall, rougher.

Step 10 After sanding, clean the surface then apply the final layer of wax. Do this until ou have achieved the antique look that you prefer.

Don’t forget that success does not come without fruit of labor in your part Do your best and follow the given steps above.

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