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15 Unique Kitchen Decor Ideas You Can Use Today


You do not need to go bankrupt after decorating your kitchen. There simple and inexpensive yet stunning ideas of giving your kitchen that amazing appearance. There are actually various ways of beautifying your kitchen without spending a single cent. All you need to do is to concentrate on the key areas that usually draw the most attention; these include the floors, storage and walls. You can start by changing these 3 areas and your kitchen will magically be transformed. You can thereafter proceed to other areas of the kitchen. Choosing your kitchen theme can be a challenge but this article is supposed to address that with the following simple steps.

  1. Change the Lighting

[one_half_first]Move from the ordinary lighting by introducing new stylish and pendant lights as your kitchen’s focal point. For some long lasting glass pendant lights, you will only need to pay $200 or less. This will definitely not break your bank especially if your current lights are dim. Changing that overhead in your kitchen may sound mysterious but it’s actually very easy. It doesn’t have to be 200 bucks; there are vintage lights worth $20 out there. Don’t forget your under-cabinet lights as well.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]The swing-arm on top of the open shelving not only offer more personality, but also provides an ambient light compared to the track or standard lighting. An average electrician can actually do the job with cords hidden. It is also practical to use the plug-in versions with the dangling cords covered by the cord covers.

  1. Add new Hardware

Enhance the entire kitchen space by upgrading the classic hardware. But even as you go shopping, be sure to keep an eye on the price tag – it accumulates quite fast especially if your kitchen is big. It would be wise to have the number of knobs and pulls at the back of your mind so as to determine whether the hardware you are eyeing on is within your budget. With many pieces available with as low as $10, it is not necessary to blow your budget.

  1. Upgrade your accessories.

Since there are limited chances of doing this kind of decorations, it is wise to use the opportunity that you get to the maximum. Put some of the items that you frequently use are inside a woven tray and display pantry accessories that have pretty packaging on top of your counter.

  1. Repaint Cabinets

Look around your kitchen; are there signs of outdated finish? It is very important to have a personal touch with your kitchen. Think of adding a white color on your kitchen cabinets, preferably white. Try duck egg, warm putty or sage green – all versatile selection will go with different finishes and materials.

A palette of white and black with a bit of metal and wooden accents looks modern and sleek for the kitchen. Paint both your kitchen base and bottom cabinets with island black and let the upper cabinets be white.

  1. Work in rustic elements

Use the farmhouse accents to add character and warmth to your kitchen. Swap the pantry door with hang copper pots or a sliding door. You may also bring in a wooden stool if you like.

  1. Use simple shelves as the storage

Don’t have top cabinets? You can easily use rustic wooden shelves with metal brackets that are cheap and easy to install. They will also provide a clear display space for all your day to day activities and dish storage.

  1. Get Roman Shades for that finished appearance.

The Roman shades provide an elegant appearance to your kitchen and home in general. If you prefer a more cohesive look, have some matching shades prepared for all the glass doors for same room.

  1. Paint the floor

Do you have a wooden floor and it’s not in the most desirable shape? If your floor is not in a very good look and there is no time or money to do a complete refinishing, you can simply paint them. White color can be chic but it will make you a cleaner person. If you need to be more creative, you can try to create a design of your choice on your newly painted floor.

  1. Get rid of the upper cabinet doors

Glass door fronts are ideal for the upper cabinet doors but they can be unaffordable especially if there are many upper kitchen cabinet doors. Alternatively, you can as well get rid of the upper cabinet doors. This is an easy thing to do because you simply need to paint the holes after unscrewing them. This will clearly create a sense of more room in your little kitchen.

  1. Try new dishes

Open counters and shelving are perfect ways of practicing the display art. Be assured you will never go wrong with classic clear glasses and white dishes. But feel free of course to hope around the market till you get what you love.

  1. Introduce a chalkboard Paint into your Fridge

No money to trade in that outdated fridge? No worries, there’s another way out; use chalkboard paint to cover it and for a creative appearance and for fun. This chalkboard paint is multipurpose, as you cook, it will keep the children busy and you can also use it for doodles, inspiring quotes, and grocery list or menu ideas.

  1. Add a rug

Replace the old, ugly laminate floors of your kitchen by covering them with a rug. You can thereafter upgrade to floor tiles which are also easy to install. When it comes to decoration and kitchen in particular, we tend to concentrate on organizing pans and cleaning cupboards and forget that floors occupy the largest part. A beautiful rug is definitely one of the things that will give your kitchen some life. The only issue is that a rug is likely to get dirty. So, your choice should be around easy to clean fabrics and cheap enough so that they can easily be thrown away once they get dirty.

One of the most ideal kitchen rugs is the oriental rugs – they are just perfect for the kitchen area. The truth is, these throw away rugs are affordable and easy to clean. This makes them perfect for kitchens that require a little texture.

  1. Replace the Faucet

This is clearly a straightforward and simple kitchen upgrading technique especially if you are in a rental house. Anyone can clearly be able to do it. Although faucets can be really expensive, you can get a faucet at $80 – very little investment for a stuff that you will use on daily basis.

A 4-Hole Ashfield design faucet will cost you $ 159.95 at amazon. Although the design is a little bit traditional, it is suitable for the modern porcelain sinks as well as the general farmhouse style of your kitchen. So, the first step when it comes to faucet replacement is choosing the replacement. Take a look at your sink and identify the number of holes it has. There are faucets out there in the market that have in-built sprayer and soap dispenser.

  1. Replace your dish rack

Replace your cheap wooden dish racks with some heavy duty ones from a reputable company. Wooden dish racks will cost you even more money because of the constant replacement. It makes even more sense for individuals without dishwasher to own a reliable dish rack. The dish rack also looks good as it sits on the counter.

The Bamboo Dish Rack is one of the best in terms of design and durability. The dish is made from natural bamboo coated with waterproof and rust-proof aluminum. Among the notable features include a drainage system made of drip tray and swivel spout under the cup holders so as to direct water towards the sink. There are also cup holders that are located along the inner frame, and there is also a place for holding the knives and utensils.

  1. Cover the ugly countertops

Changing the countertops is not an easy task – it’s close to extreme makeover. In order to improve whatever you have, try some new tips. Of course you may not be able to do permanent transformation if you are a renter. So, simply cover your kitchen countertop with a huge cutting board. It’s not only functional but also eye-catchy.

There are some people who also opt to paint their countertops to completely change their look. This is an affordable technique and particularly easy to implement. The entire painting process can cost you $60.

Use another technique to cover them up. This means you have to be creative and think outside the box. For instance, there are people who use vinyl tiles with a grout layer to cover the countertop.

Finally, if you cannot stand the look of your countertops, then you may as well replace them completely. Of course there are affordable techniques of replacing countertops out there. This is true if there are only a few linear spaces to be covered and you are in a position to do some of the job for yourself.

Brilliant idea for a small kitchen

There are lots of unique kitchen idea you can use; you just need to blend your own concept with other ideas you can see in home magazines and books. If you are not working, you can still work on improving your kitchen. You just need to think of more ideas to help you conceptualize and have a great outcome. One of the most famous concepts these days are the green and organic concept. Its main purpose is to recycle anything in the kitchen that can still be used. Like in the case of bottles, most of them are disposed off after use; they can still be used as a kitchen ornament. In the case of cans, you can still use it to plant herbs or spices.

There are lots of things in the kitchen which you can still use for other things. Thinking green is not a talent; it is having the heart for nature. It can also be a great tool to help you save a lot. Utilizing your imagination will help you make a lot of meaningful things you can still use within the house. You can also make use of this particular scene to bond with the whole family. Let your children help you in creating meaningful designs out of garbage.

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