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No money down Real Estate Investing


Nothing is impossible, most especially when it comes to business. Due to the economic turbulence that we are experiencing right now, a lot of people, most especially the highly-spirited entrepreneurs, have been cooking up ways to get the deals that they need. Who would have thought that you could buy a real estate property without putting a down payment? As people became more determined and desperate due to their financial constraints, the no money down real estate investing has just gotten more popular and crazier than ever.

Nowadays, there are different ways to cut a deal in real estate. Before, if you want to buy a lot or a property, you really have to find a way to come up with that down payment, which is one of the crucial parts of a real investment transaction deal. As the real estate investing surfaced into the real estate vocabulary, it’s now a lot easier to get that dream house or investment that you’ve been eyeing. It is all about creative financing; the crazier and the more creative your agreements are, the better. Here are some ideas that you can pull off:

Real estate investments

1. Exchange properties. If you don’t have the money for the down payment, you can offer to swap your property instead of paying a down payment. You can negotiate to exchange your cars, yachts, appliances, furniture, equipment, and other things that you have that can be of great interest to the seller. The trick is to watch out for the special interests of the seller.

2. Exchange services. If you have skills or talents that you have such as accounting skills or if you provide certain services like legal aid, contractual services, medical services, etc., then perhaps you can offer that as your down payment.

3. Assume the sellers loans.
If you know that the seller has loans and is struggling to meet the payments, then you can offer to pay the loan payments for him instead of making a down payment.

4. Rent to own. If you have enough money to rent, then you can offer to lease your way to buying that dream home that you want. You just need to negotiate with the seller a certain amount of money to be paid every month until you’ve paid for the total purchase price of the house.

5. Assume the mortgage. Another option that can be both advantageous for you and the seller is paying for the existing mortgage of the seller that he has for the property that he is selling. You and the seller can draft a contract stating that you will assume the mortgage payments; this move can be greatly advantageous for you if the mortgage has low interest rates.

6. Negotiate for a higher price. If all else fails, then you can negotiate for a higher price than the selling price that the seller is offering. For example, if the seller is selling the property for $105,000, then you can offer to pay $110,000 instead of paying for the down payment.

There are so many creative ways nowadays to buy that dream house or property. Whether you have the money for the down payment or not, if determined enough, you’d be able to find that perfect deal to get that dream! Just keep your eyes and ears open and you’d find that no money down real estate investing scheme that you need.

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