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7 Sure Fire Ways To Find Out What What Is The Better Pool Size For Your Home

Pool Sizes


Above ground swimming pools, are somehow very popular nowadays. These pools are something inexpensive that comes with a lot of enjoyment for your family and friends. Of course; if you live in an area where weather allows a nice convenient pool to be set on.

They come in many sizes but it’s better to keep a medium to large swimming pool size even if you have a small family. Eventually, you will have gatherings or events that need people to come over. Therefore, it would be great if the pool size could be enjoyed by not just a small number of people but could host a lot.

The most frequently asked question is how big should a pool above the ground be? This is not a simple answer. There are many factors to take into consideration like: free yard space after installation, the amount of people that are going to use it daily and the purpose of the pool itself entertaining or training, among other things. All these question will be answered here.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Advantages and Sizes

Pool Sizes

Before daring to speak about the pool size; users and purpose, which is something easily decided depending on your needs, you should consider the following aspects on deciding if an above ground pool is actually a good idea.

Installation or Setup

Above ground pools are very easy to set up; you could even do it yourself, or if you’d rather not to, you could just hire a professional, yet they are so easily built there is no actual need to spend more than you already did for buying it.

This kind of pools do not require digging, all you need to do is to clean the area where you plan to set it up, then place everything in order. It usually takes a few hours to install the whole pool, which makes it easy and fast to get a pool in the house.

Yet, keep it mind that the same process applies backwards! It is easier to dismount an above ground pool if you need to than to get rid of a buried pool.


This is by far the biggest reason to consider an above ground swimming pool over a buried one. They are very cheap in comparison to buried ones. Costs could be ? less from the price required for traditional pools, or even less. Apart from this; take into consideration that building a traditional pool would require a bunch of workers or heavy machinery, and let’s not mention all the possible permissions required depending on where you live.

Instead; you could just buy your above ground pool and set it up silently by yourself; or get it set by the same company that sold it to you.



All kinds of pools can give you a hard time on maintenance aspects, since they must be cleaned daily or at least every time they are used, you need to make sure they have the right balance on the chemical products that are used in the water. Also; you have to watch water temperature and some trash brought through the wind such as leaves and light weight trash that’s easily lifted by soft breezes.

Even with those aspects; these above ground pools are easier to maintain due to the simple fact of being over the ground and not buried in it. Buried pools are accessible to animals such as dogs and cats; wind blows dirt easily over the floor and yet over the buried pool, which means more to clean before using it. Above ground pools on the other hand; are barely reached by small animals due to their height, and unarguably wind might take some dirt into it but the quantity would be less in comparison with buried polls.


Above ground pools are safer for children while buried ones are on ground level, which gives children easy access to water. It’s well known the fact that many pool accidents began with little kids walking around the pool and falling into the water, if they were lucky enough to fall into a pool already filled with water, otherwise.

While above the ground pools are harder to access for kids; in fact the staircase to gain access could easily be taken away when the pool is not being used, which is by far, cheaper than building a metal fence around the traditional pool.

After all these considerations have been taken, if you are more certain than ever that the pool, you want and need, is an above of the ground one, let’s talk about the important subjects: the amount of people that are going to use it daily, free yard space after installation, and the purpose of the pool itself.

The amount of people that are going to use the pool of course; affects the side of the pool. Remember that this should be for the family enjoyment, I know a lot of families, however, are constantly giving parties at their home. If you like to be the host, then you should know that not all of your guests are going to be inside of the pool at the same time, and not all of them outside either. Hence; the size of the pool should be something in between.

On the other hand; there is the question about free space after installation. Some above ground pools have the advantage that can be disassemble “very and easily quickly”. However; once you start to do it over and over again, the task turns so annoying that, either the pool will remain stored in the garage or installed. Nonetheless; bigger pools cannot be stored on your garage and once you decided to installed it is better to either keep it there or definitely remove it if you really need to use the space in the future. No matter what, it will be an uncomfortable experience.

Last but not least, if you need rehab because you had a accident, in that specific case I personally recommend to use an above of the ground pool. These are made for that kind of purpose, sure they can be used for entertainment, but some people like to do tumbles and big jumps, that kind of use must be avoided.

Above ground swimming pools come in lots of shapes and sizes for you to decide and set up according to your likes. There are virtually no limits on what you want to create, or buy. It all comes down to your likes and decision.

In order to give you an idea of all the possibilities, let’s take a look at what Atlantis Pool has to offer regarding shapes and materials

Oval Shapes


This is by far, the most popular of all, you just need to see the picture in order to understand why.


1.2m & 1.38m Deep

2.5m & 3.0m wide pools

3.3m & 3.8m Wide Pools

4.6m Wide Pools

200mm & 300mm Bowl Outs & 600mm Structural Deep Ends

Keyhole Shapes

Small Above Ground Pool Deckl Wooden Fence and Lounge

The keyhole shape is perfect for corners, I really can imagine my family in there.


1.2m & 1.38m Deep

3.7m – 3.0m wide pools

4.9m – 3.8m Wide Pools

500mm Hopper deep ends

Great for corner blocks

Rectangle Shapes

Do you wanna some style to your backyard? Well, here it is!


1.38m Deep

4.0m wide pools

5.7m Wide Pools

200mm & 300mm Bowl Outs

Great with Decking square edges

Round Shapes

What I love of this design is that it can be either, a family place or a two lovers place.


1.2m & 1.38m Deep

From 3.2m round pools

up to 6.4m round Pools

200mm & 300mm Bowl Outs

Easy Installation!

Extra Shapes

Backyard are very variable, just like people so. Why not look for something different?


Teardrop Shapes

Raindrop Shapes

Kidney Shapes



1.38m Deep


Swimming Pool Shapes

Jacuzzi Shapes

Heart shape Jacuzzi 

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