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Protecting your carpet when paiting


For those who had just moved into their new home and to those who are planning to renovate, there are a lot of things to do like buying new furniture and appliances and moving them in, choosing wallpapers that will fit every particular room in your house, and buying some paint for those areas which aren’t needed to put wallpaper into it, like for instance, the baseboards.

But if you would want to save money and choose to invest on painting the walls instead of putting wallpapers, there are also steps to consider on taking care of your belongings like your appliances, furniture, particularly the carpet. Now take note. The carpet may be one of those stuffs that would require a lot of cleaning once you get them stained so In this case, you should treat them with extra care most especially when you’re painting.

First, go visit the local Home Depot and look for a 2 foot wide roll of carpet protection tape which can be found in the carpet department. You can either leave them as they are on 2 foot wide, or you can cut them in half or in quarters with a miter saw, depending on the coverage your carpet requires. Then, you can place the roll on the floor near your baseboard with the sticky side down on the carpet making sure that you cover all the parts of the carpet. When you have done this, you may now continue on painting your walls with no worries of getting your carpet stained, and when you’re done with everything, you can just take off the tape from the carpet and dispose it.

Now, let’s go to the baseboards. Painting baseboards need extra care as it increases the possibility of getting your carpet stained. First, cut the tape at about 18-24 inches and place it along the baseboard and the carpet. For a medium size carpet, leave an allowance of about ½ inch. You may need to experiment a bit regarding the “lap up” for it depends a bit on the depth of the carpet pile.

Start at one end. Place fingers on the “corner”, between the carpet and the baseboard. Press your fingers down, and slowly pull the carpet away from the baseboard and push the tape down into the opening space. To finish the incompletely seated portions of the tape, you may use the putty knife. After doing all this, you now have enough space the paint the rest of your baseboard above the carpet, without staining putting stains on it. You can just use a smaller brush to paint the lower side of the baseboard for it won’t need much coverage anyway, as it would be covered by the carpet.

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