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Protecting Your Room Before Painting

Painting your room is a fun activity giving your room a new look with a new theme that you would want to have. This is also one way of updating your room which has been painted ages ago. However, painting can be very messy because it easily drips and run and get the things in your room painted. You might mess up the things that you do not want to have a paint on. Thus, it is very important to take precautionary steps to protect your room and your things from mess when painting. Here are some ways that you can do to protect your room and things from getting messed up with paint.

Painting walls

• First, remove any furniture found in your room. If you do not have any space in the house where you can move it, just move it at the center of the room and make sure that you cover these furniture completely using a plastic sheet so that it will be protected from accidental painting.

• Be sure that you remove the lamps, the wall decorations, the throw rugs or other things that you would not want to paint on. Remove the switch covers and outlet covers and place them in a plastic bag along with the screws so they will not be misplaced.

• Then with the use of a painter’s masking tape, tape the baseboard to mask it off if you will be painting another color other than the one you used for the wall. Position the tape in between the floor and the baseboard so that no part of the floor is exposed. You can also use additional masking tape around the window frames that you have, this would help preventing accidental paints on the window frame. Position the tapes closely to the edges of the window frame as possible.

Painting with sponge techique

• Also make sure that the floor is well covered with drop cloths on the floor to protect it from drips or runs of paint. If you do not have drop cloths, make use of newspapers. But because newspapers are thin and can be easily torn, you need to use it with extra care. Always remember never to use plastic sheeting becuse they are slippery and may cause you accident. Plastic sheeting does not stay in place as well, thus it is not advisable to use it to cover the floor when painting the walls or the ceiling.

These are just some of the ways that you can make use of when painting your room. These are the basic things that you need to remember so that you can protect your room decors, furniture, outlet and switch covers from being accidentally painted on. Painting the room is never that hard nor messy. If you follow the precautions before painting a room, you will surely have a nice finish on the room without the mess. Be ready with the things that you need to use to protect other parts of the room that you do not intend to paint. Before starting the painting process, make sure you have everything needed to paint the whole room.

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