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Reclining Chairs: For Comfort and Style


Nothing can compare to the comfort offered by a reclining chair to sit back and relax at the end of a day. Better yet, they add style and elegance to your living room. Reclining chairs are specially designed to provide ultimate comfort to your aching back by providing perfect support to your upper and lower back. They are so comfortable that you can sit on them for hours together without any discomfort.

Besides being comfortable to all, they are especially suited for people suffering from arthritis and other ailments who cannot find comfort in ordinary chairs, like dining room chairs. They also provide the much needed rest and comfort for pregnant women and for people who are very short in height.

Reclinable leather chair

While there are countless reclining chairs in every type and style, each chair is unique with its own distinguishing features and their reclining capabilities. While some have just a few reclining positions, others have numerous positions for ultimate comfort.
Two-position reclining chairs: These types of chairs recline to about 45 degrees and have completely motorized functions that can be operated with hand controls. Though they are comfortable for sitting, they are not a good choice if you want to have a catnap on them.
Three-position reclining chairs: These types of reclining chairs can be adjusted to any angle for maximum comfort. They also offer the same hand controls as the previous model to control the different reclining positions.
Multi-position reclining chairs: Unlike the above models, the footrest of the multi-position reclining chairs can be operated independently and moreover they are powered by two motors. You can lie flat and have your feet in a raised position for ultimate comfort with these hi-end chairs.
Outdoor reclinable chairs

In addition to the above models you can also find the following and more in numerous retail outlets and online stores.
Reclining armchairs: These are perfect to unwind after a particularly strenuous day.
Swivel reclining chairs: These chairs can rotate through 360 degrees and are perfect for spacious rooms. They are accompanied with separate footstool.
Riser reclining chairs: These chairs offer complete control with great mobility as they combine the comfort offered by a reclining chair along with the reclining action of an electric riser.

Though style and colors matter, the most important factors to look for while buying a reclining chair are comfort and their reclining capabilities. While leather is most durable and easy to clean, reclining chairs are also available in different fabrics to suit your taste and budget.

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