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Revive the Appearance of Old Appliances


Usually old appliances are thrown away when their value gets depreciated due to damages such as scratches, dents or it’s just that they don’t look appealing with today’s modern standards. Of course the old gadgets won’t look as trendy as the new ones out in the market. The new designs have the edge in terms of performance and appearance. The old ones may still be in running condition but their looks are very much considered to be “phased out” and not appealing enough to blend in a modern home.

The Old Reliable Appliances vs. Newer Ones
Even though the old appliances may seem dull and beaten on the outside, with proper maintenance and usage they will be able to perform like they did when you first bought them. Even the appliance retailers and repair personnel will tell you that the older models are stronger, more enduring and may outlast the newer models.

Antique oven

This is because the appliances made in yesteryears were really made to last. If compared to today’s mass produced goods, older ones are more durable as they are documented to last from several years to a decade. The newer appliances however make up for this issue by offering extended warranty deals. Within this warranty period, you are assured that no matter what happens to the appliances the company will repair or replace it for you. These deals were not offered back then because there is no need for it.

Old Appliance Make Over

It is impractical to throw something away, especially if it is still in working condition. If the issues were purely aesthetic appearance, you can do some measures to make your old appliances as good as new. You can resurface your old appliances with veneer panels. This will let you hide the flaws, dents and damages. Instead of replacing your cabinets, you can just repaint them or cover them with veneers. For some appliances, you can repaint them using special appliance paint. Appliance paint is cheap and is usually available in local hardware stores. In repainting stoves and ovens, you will have to use heat and fire resistant paint. There is also a specialized paint for refrigerators and dishwashers. Be sure to use the specific paint to the respective appliance.

Antique wooden refrigerator

Another great idea to redesign your appliances is by using decorative magnetic sheets. These are readily available in stores but if you want to add a personalized touch you can make your own. All you will need is magnetic sheets, vinyl wallpaper with the desired design, contact paper (color coordinating), adhesive (spray-on is recommended for ease of use), and scissors. Cover the magnetic sheets with the contact paper and layer in the vinyl wallpaper. Apply adhesive and let it rest for several minutes. Let the magnetic sheets stick to the metal surface of your appliances.

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  1. Going retro is hot right now. Old appliances are in demand and it’s great to see people restoring these collectables and preserving history. My old Borg Warner refrigerator sits front and center in my garage and gets more exposure than if it was in my house. My garage door is open all the time for the world to see and I get lot’s of compliments on it.

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