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Simple Tips to Organize Your Home Décor Accessories


Though choosing home décor accessories presents some dilemmas, it is nothing compared to what you will be facing while organising them. Read on to find out how to organize your home décor accessories in just the right way to transform your cluttered spaces to look like a page out of a décor magazine.

Decorative iron art work

Synchronizing with contrast
While organising your home décor accessories with perfect harmony is important, you should be very careful not to overdo it. Too much synchronization will result in a boring décor where everything blends into the other with no scope for individuality. To avoid a boring décor you have be very careful in choosing and displaying the accessories. Find a nice balance between synchronising the accessories like a decorative glass that have similar styles or colors and adding a little discord among them with accessories that have different shapes and textures. You can synchronise accessories by grouping together things that have similar shape, say rounded or those that have the same color. To contrast you can place a staid looking statue near a bright and colorful night shade.

Size and shape
While organising the accessories, make sure that their size and shape is in accord with their surroundings. A miniature decorative piece will disappear on a huge table and you would definitely want to avoid placing an elaborate ceiling high flower arrangement on a small table. However, the general tendency is to display small accessories in a surrounding that is too big for them. But in case you want to display small things, you have to make them look prominent by placing them on a makeshift pedestal, like a stack of books or on a decorative basket. You can also group small things that look good when placed together on a plate or basket.

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Create layers and soften
When you are done with choosing the accessories to be displayed, you can now start to organize some them in layers place some things to soften up the lines. To begin, choose the tallest and biggest piece and place it slightly away from the center. This will act as the defining piece in your whole arrangement and then you can start to add layers by placing accessories of similar heights to from a medium layer and outer or front layer which will contain all the shortest or tiniest pieces. While making the arrangement keep scanning it from left to right or from center to outer layer to make sure that every thing is in order. You can add a slip of ribbon of a piece of silk to soften or highlight a particular piece.

The most important thing is to try new and innovative combinations that you are comfortable with and one that will suit your home. Two similar items of different textures or colors when placed together will draw the attention more than when they are placed apart. If your place looks still cluttered even after taking pains to organise, most likely it is because you are trying to display too many things at a time. Try to store some of your treasured pieces and use them to change your décor once in a while to give a fresh look to your home at no cost.

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