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Start it by decorating an apartment from the sofa to lamps


One must always think about the basic furniture that is needed in their apartment while deciding on the design. One of the most essential pieces of furniture is the sofa. Nowadays, the very well-liked models are corner sofas as they have the largest amount of seating for the space used. There are many styles of corner sofa available and in addition, leather sofas are also a good idea as they are very hard wearing and uncomplicated to preserve while giving a modern fashionable look at the same time.

Lights are also one of the most important pieces that give brighter or cozy mood in an apartment. By using a blend of ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps, you can give the illusion of space and height to a room. So, if you have finally reached the point where you can decorate your own home, please let us, Decorating Visita Casas, help you with these tips.

Why start decorating with furniture?


[one_half_first]For unlike painting, it is the first decorative element that is emptied on the “blank canvas” which is an empty room. Furniture is much more difficult to choose and acquire, not just for its price; but by the work and effort involved in moving them from one place to another. The furniture will always be the most uncomfortable to transport during a moving; so it is important to choose ones that suit our taste and that integrate properly to the decoration. If possible, at first attempt. For that reason, here are ten technical tips to choose the best sofa or groups of sofas for your room.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Sofa measures

If you want to locate two people, at least, your sofa should be 65 ”. If you want to fit up to 3 people on your sofa, it should at least have 79 “.

So keep in mind the measurements of the space when you go to buy the sofa to know if you need to add an “L” configuration. The other measure you should keep in mind is the depth of your couch.

The ideal measure to be able to enjoy a comfortable space is 35 ”.


The consistency of the sofa

Polyester, pen and wadding are used for the seats. If you want a very soft sofa, you can have a sofa that has a mixture between the fibers and the wadding.

If you want it more rigid, then let it be only fiber; such as polyester. And, if you want a mixture between rigid and soft; then it will be a kind of sandwich, wadding – polyester – wadding.

The backrest

The ideal measure for a good backrest has to be 35 “; however, to give your space a wider appearance, you could decrease the height of the backrests.

Sofa structure

Both iron and wood are beautiful, but when we speak of resistance; although the pine is a very strong wood, it is best to choose then metal.

Comfort of the sofa

Before you buy a sofa, although it complies with all the above mentioned aspects, you must live it. Sit on it, verify the height of the poses arms, how the height of the back feels and; how you feel about the height of the floor seat.

It has to be comfortable so that you can get up as many times as you want without help.

The Life of a sofa

The sofas have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, therefore, when buying one; check if it can be re upholstered and always, always, suspect if the sofa is too cheap to be true.

Sofa Materials

Fabrics and fibers are lighter than leathers, so that’s something you should keep in mind; depending on the consistency of the weather where you live, it may suit you one or the other.

And as for colors, it is good to have colors that allow to reflect more light according to space.

How to choose the sofa?

Despite being one of the largest pieces, usually do not want the sofa to be the protagonist of the decoration; so it is good to choose neutral colors that allow us to decorate with the cushions and the rest of the elements.

What integrates or not a sofa within the decoration is its design rather than its color; but a very aggressive color will not cause you to be for a long time near the sofa and in the whole area that surrounds it.

Modular sofas

They are a great alternative to grow and take advantage of the space to the maximum; setting them according to the decorative style gives us a versatility that the antique sofas did not have.

But it is a matter of taste; we just want to detail here that we have tried them at the moment of decorating and are great.

Sofa upholstery

In addition to taking into account the type of weather in which you live, you should also consider the following:

  • Do you have children?
  • What about having pets?
  • Do you receive many visits?
  • Will the sofa under direct sunlight?

Keep all this in mind when choosing the fabric; and do not forget to always choose a sofa with dustproof and waterproof protection.

Remember that unlike the dining room, which is also a large piece of furniture; the sofas cannot be disassembled so easily to move them, so we give them a higher level of priority than the dining rooms.

Choosing the Lamps

The next thing is to choose the sources of luminaires that we will have in our space. Why is it something that should be given so much importance if they are not so heavy or big?

Well, remember that we are talking about decorating; choosing the group of sofas is more focused towards the functional aspect of the decoration, the lighting instead, towards the beauty of it.

If you think that with a ceiling lamp the work will be complete, you are wrong! From the point of view of decoration, everything needs a general illumination; but each environment must have its own light.

It is absurd to sit down and read a book using general light, ideally there should be a spotlight dedicated to that place; but for this we need to highlight the two factors of light that the lamps offer us.

  • Color
  • Intensity

The color of the light

This has a very important psychological component, the warm lights relax and the cool lights stimulate. And by this I mean not temperature, but the colors that make up the chromatic circle.

Orange light for example is therapeutic for people suffering from depression.

The eye is accustomed to sunlight as natural light; that is the color of the light suitable for general illumination.

The intensity of light

Without entering into physical aspects, it is obvious that according to the activity that we are going to carry out; the lamp next to a specific sofa should offer us a different light intensity.

Light bulbs should be placed from the need for light in that specific area of the rooms, however; unlike sofas, we can use decorative elements in the design of the lamps that make them the protagonists of the decoration.

That is, not because something can be very small, you mean that it is not crucially decorative.

With all these points in mind, I hope you can decorate your new space more fluently. Good Luck!


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