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Stepping On Comfort: Picking the Perfect Bath Mat


We give our bathroom mats less credit than it deserves. Bathroom mats not only serve as decoration, but they can also protect us from the slippery bathroom floors and stepping on a mat eases pressure on our feet. What do you look for while picking the perfect bath mat? While scouring the malls and shops for your mat, visualize your bathroom and think what areas need a mat. It could be under the sink, surrounding the toilet or immediately right outside the shower area to dry your feet.

Bathroom mat

Next, think about how big the mat you want is. There are usually bath mats that come in sets usually including one for the sink and one for the toilet whose edges are formed to fit the outline of the toilet and/or sink. Mats come in various shapes, sizes and prints. You could also match your mats according to the color of your shower curtains. Speaking of edges, it is not advisable to use bath mats with too many fringes. Not only is it not too pleasant to look at, it is not practical given that it would be harder to clean these types of mats. Choose mats with smooth edges so it won’t get messed up in the long run.

Another thing to consider is the surface of the mat and what material it is made of. Sure enough, you would be particular of how the surface feels on your feet. Last but not the least, as mentioned above, a mat also provides protection especially the rubberized ones. Remember that the bathroom can also be a hazardous place so choose mats that are rubberized on the other side. Rubber mats are also available on department stores and they can also be placed inside the shower area. When you’ve found your bathroom mat of choice, don’t forget the maintenance. Read the instructions and specifications of your purchased bathroom mats so as not to deform it.

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Choosing the perfect bath mat is not hard. Just remember the tips mentioned here: consider the places where you really need to place a mat or where you think a mat would be appropriately placed. Next, consider the size of both the mat and the floor area of your bathroom. Do not choose a bath mat that is not tailored to fit the the sink or toilet’s bottom silhouette. Third, stick to mats with simple edges so it will not be easily deformed and it will be easier to clean. Consider the material and the rubber material which will prevent you from slipping. Maintenance of your mats is also a mat so you’ll be sure to reuse them for a longer time.

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