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Style your Home with your Personalized Picture Frames


Personalized picture frames invoke to picture frames that you can make and customize. If you personalize a picture frame, you are the one to decide how it will look like. A personalized picture frame is a picture frame that you can vicissitude or adjusts with your own choice. In addition you can also enhance it. If you enjoy personalizing your picture frames then it is consider as your hobby. You add your own individuality in the picture frame and it no longer envisage as an ordinary photo because it has already personal touch.

Before I help you on how to personalize your picture frames to make it more memorable and attractive, it is better to have a glimpse on how it started. Did you know that the early Christian Church started the history of decorative picture? It is stated that though a type of border or frame appeared around art about 3,000 years ago, the church still the first one to use the type of frame which we are more familiar with to define religious art. The religious art is the heavy, jeweled-encrusted frames which sometimes were as elaborate as the colorful images they enclosed. Meanwhile in the advent of the Renaissance in the 15th century, wealthy aristocrats and merchants commissioned craftsmen to create elegantly carved frames that reflected with their social status. Decorative frames over the years changes just to fit to the contemporary taste of people.

Now we can start personalizing your picture frames by using a scrap book and craft supplies. You can always visit a craft store and purchase a wide variety of colorful and unique materials you want for your picture frame. Have a picture frame in which you can attach the photo and add embellishments. Some of the common personalized picture frame decorations are letters, shapes, colors, beads, ribbons and glitters. By using the glue, you can combine the letters together to form words, phrases or sentences that you want for your picture. Add shapes, beads, ribbons or glitters for the finishing touch. If you have tight budget you can always use dried flowers as an ornament to your personalized picture frames. Just place the dried flowers at the edges of the frame and voila the picture frame will appear more attractive and creative.

Personalizing picture frames is not only restrained to scrap booking. In fact, you can always use a shadow box. A shadow box is a framed box with a glass front that may come in either square or rectangle. Shadow box is wield for storing valuable materials so it is perfect to apply if you want to display and protect a valued picture. Use ornaments to decorate the whole frame or better yet employ decorative papers for it adds positive effect when used in the right way. Just remember that simple materials and a little creativity will definitely lead you to institute the perfect personalized picture frame just for you.

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