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Swimming pool safety fence: order one or build your own


Safety should always come first in a household with children and that holds true especially in households with swimming pool. Drowning is a major cause of death among children aged 5 and below in the United States. To avoid that, having or setting up a swimming pool safety fence is important. There are a lot of dealers that offer various kinds and styles of pool fences. You can start by looking for a swimming pool fence that suits best to your needs. You should know that there is a minimum acceptable height for safety fences and that is 3 ½ feet and it can go as high as 6 feet.

Security swimming pool fence

Another thing to look at is the width of the bar and the spaces in between. A fence with a narrow bar width is better so children as well as your pets won’t get through. The ideal space in between bars does not go higher than 4 inches. If the safety fence you have has a wider gap, adding another mesh safety fence inside will help. The fence’s material is significant too. Metal fences can rust after a while from being splashed constantly with water while wood has the tendency to warp and rot. One more precautionary step to be kept in mind is making your fence a self-latching gate that automatically closes. Hinges and latches can be easily installed on any type of gate just make sure that it is high enough so children can’t reach it.

Building your own swimming pool safety fence is another option if you have the time to spend on it. The first thing to do is making and drawing up a plan for the fence so you can have a visual guide. To be able to do that properly, you need to know the requirements and specifications of a pool fence such as the end posts, line posts, corner posts and the gates. Once you have determined the parts and materials needed for the pool safety fence, purchasing them will be the next step. So you now have the plan and the materials; setting up the fence is the only thing left. Start by marking the points where the posts and fence sections are to be placed. You can do it with a construction pencil along with a measuring tape or if you are marking over grass, a spray paint can be used.

Security fence

Next is digging holes for the fence posts and the holes should at least be 2 feet in depth and 8 inches in diameter. Mixing the cement and leveling it with the ground follows. When the cement has dried already, drill holes in it. Next is fastening the posts on the cement to be followed by attaching the fence sections to the fence posts with the brackets. It is almost complete now, you just have to set-up the gates and your swimming pool safety fence will be perfect in serving its purpose.

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