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How to Save Energy with Air Conditioner

‘Big’, this word often frustrates women when it comes to electric bills. Electricity is in a business deal with your appliances. Electricity will keep them running for you to be more convenient and depend on them. Now, appliances depend upon the availability of electricity that you will pay for. Everyone gets what they need, appliances […]

How to clean your air conditioning duct

Air conditioning ducts are simple metal sheets or tubes that transport hot and cold air through all parts of your home. Some these air ducts spread through all parts of the house in order to give appropriate ventilation. Hence, when your portable air conditioning ducts are experiencing problems, it can produce health hazards the result […]

Portable air conditioning tips, maintenance and equipment

No matter where you are or where you live, portable air conditioning provides the answers to your desire of efficient air circulation and cooling and heating system for your home. It can be carried from one place to another without the need of too much effort on your part. It can also be used as […]

Advice in home air conditioning filters

Air conditioning filters are the single best source for keeping your cooling system clean. There are filters that are made up from many materials. There are filters that use spun fiberglass (least effective) polyester and blends that will capture more particulates. All filters use terms called arrestance, and MERV ratings. The general rule the higher […]