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The Main Attraction: Staircase or stairway


Staircase or stairway, whatever you name it, it is a major permanent piece in a home. The staircase is often a design characteristic element of the interior and so it needs careful consideration before it is constructed. Stair planning is necessary for safety, comfort as well as artistic value. Staircase design is a long term decision so don’t be influenced by trends. Think long term for the creation and use the beautification as your main feature, which means that you can adjust the decoration aspects inexpensively in the future, since changing the construction of a stair is expensive. The main features taken in consideration for staircase design usually are the internal architecture.

With staircases as mood showcasers, it is very vital to think about the right design, structure and material before building it. This is a major feature that cannot be re-done easily. Today, staircases are no longer just used for functional purposes. With the rising new trends and designs, it has also evolved to become a showcase of fashion and sophistication that is creatively made to merge with the home decor to emphasize the artistic style of designing your house. The most important aspect of designing and building a stairway is the structure. Let us consider staircases as mood showcasers; I can say that it is the main attraction among other home decors.

Furthermore, staircases are an essential component of our homes as they bond and join the different levels in the house. When integrated as a part of the interior, they can manipulate the ambience of the room to an enormous level. Staircase can give your home a touch of elegance and marvelous style. The other components of a staircase are the handrails, the treads and the balusters. There are also a great variety of fashionable and attractive styles to choose from.

Stairways may be straight, round, spiral or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles. The style of the staircase depends on you, the designer and the space where you will place it in your home. A stairway without hand-railings might have aesthetic character, but can prove to be dangerously fatal if there are little kids in the house; we must always take into consideration the safety of the people we are living with, before deciding what kind of style we are going to design for the staircase. Aside from the modern designs in the handrails and the balusters, a design that can be subjected to a lot of creativity is the newel posts. It can be of any shape and size, depending on its organization with the home decor. It can also be a fashionable accent of the staircase that will add style on it.

Stairways can be the real main attention-grabber in your home. So if you mean to have one done, think over the construction plans carefully as well as the design.

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