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The Modern Nomad: Decorating Tips for Urban Travelers


There are some families and people who frequently move or change home addresses for different kinds of reasons, mostly due to their careers. This can be a hassle especially when you think about all of the chores you have to do in always transferring your belongings to another place. Think about the different environments each time you move to another home, you have to be very versatile in order for you to adapt into each and every new neighborhood you are going to live in. Decorating your temporary home can even be more troublesome to do because your options are ultimately limited, and anything that lasts longer than the time of your stay is a complete taboo.

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So, how to decorate a temporary living space? You can start first by thinking up decorating ideas that should last long enough until you move again to another home. You should liken your home decorating style to that of a gypsy or a nomad, ever changing, and one attribute that is always associated with it is versatility, regardless of whether it its versatility for functionality, or versatility for convenience. To elaborate further, here are some of the general options that you can do if you’re an urban traveler.
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Choose proper home articles that can go with you easily when frequently changing homes. Foldable and stackable chairs and tables are some of the good examples when it comes to easy portability, but they are quite lacking as a decorative article. A quick remedy for this is with the use of table mats and ready to apply slipcovers for your thin and colorless chairs and tables. Alternatively, you can just choose smaller versions of normal sized furniture, you never know if your next home would be smaller or larger than you current living space, and in the long run, smaller furniture are much safer to use than larger ones.

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  1. My suggestion is to use vinyl wall decals. I get mine from http://www.wallslicks.com. They have a huge selection of designs, themes and colors. What I like about their decals is that they have a matte finish so they blend into the painted wall and look like they were painted on by a professional. When you leave that apartment, the decals are completely removable. Also these decals stick to just about any surface, which is how I “fancied up” my folding wooden chairs which are our diningroom chairs.

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