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The Process of Putting Wallpaper On the Ceiling

Designing your ceiling will add further beauty to your home. You can either paint it or put on wallpaper. The main focus of this article is to teach you how to paper the ceiling. It won’t be that easy so better prepare yourself! Remember, papering the wall is easier than the ceiling. It is because you can reach the wall easier unlike the ceiling where you need to stand on something so you can reach it. Thus, you will likely need some equipment for this task.

Putting wallpaper on the ceiling

Before we give the procedures, you should make sure of the following first:
• Prepare the different equipment to be used (e.g. wall paper, paste)
• The room should be empty or with things that you’re not afraid to get stained.
• Have a scaffold that can lift your weight. Make sure that the plank is in the right measurement so you can reach the ceiling with ease.

Now, for the next procedure, let’s follow this simple step-by step guide in papering a ceiling:
1. Take out the different furniture inside the room then put on old cloths on the floor. After that, focus on the ceiling and decide on what kind of direction you will be using for the pattern of the wallpaper.
2. Now, set up the scaffold. The scaffold should be high enough for you to reach the ceiling. It will be better if the scaffold is placed in a manner that it can reach both ends of the room.
3. Next, measure the ceiling with the use of the tape measure. Make sure that there will be extra inches so if ever adjustments will be made, you can effortlessly do it. Measure the wallpaper to be used and cut it according to the first measurements done with the tape measure.
4. Fill the paper tray with water then dip the cut end in the tray. Roll the paper and let it lay around for a while.
5. Premixed wall paper will then be put into the paper tray. With the use of the paint roller, glue it thinly to the ceiling area where the first edge of the paper will be placed. Place then the corner of the paper on the edge as well as the right side. Make sure that you are aligning the paper while putting it on the ceiling.

Floral ceiling wallpaper

6. Roll the paper until you reach the end of the room. You can use your hands to press the paper unto the ceiling for better results. You can also use a smoother in order to have more security. To trim the end of the paper, you may use a dry wall knife. This knife will help you cut the excess with ease.
7. Continue the process until all parts of the ceiling are covered. Make sure that the patterns are matched accordingly for a better appearance.

You can’t do this alone so it will be better if you let someone help you! Also, you can ask for some other instructions and tips from professionals. Good luck!

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