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Tips in finding the trouble spots in your home


• The Home Shape – Homes that are shaped like the letter “U” based on Feng Shui are considered as unlucky for love, marriage and guests. This shape will drive the home inhabitants away thus forcing them to seek the comforts of another home. Homes that are shaped like the letter “L” in the same way are considered as imbalanced and incomplete thereby producing energies that make the home destined to a discontented and lacking life. Split level homes which are structured uneven and unaligned are considered as representing difficulties in family, personality and career thereby producing uneven fortunes for the homeowner.

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• The Entrance and Hallways – Narrow, dark and cramped entrances depress and block off the vital energies thereby trapping the energy in the darkness which produces depression and sadness in the home. Moreover, narrow hallways that function as entrance may result to sufferings on poor health and tough childbirth.
• Door Alignments – Awkward door openings represent poor alignment and are considered as dangerous signs that may plant discord in the family. Likewise, doors that are disproportioned to the size of the room limit the flow of the vital energies and consecutively depress the opportunities for success, health and happiness. On the other hand, doors that are larger than the room size will allow too much vital energies that may be uncontrollable on the part of the inhabitants to control or retain. As a result, the inhabitants may be unable to retain their wealth or fail to save money.
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• Home Lighting – Home lighting in Feng Shui represents the sun. The lighting livens up the vital energies in the rooms and all through the home. Vital energies flourish on light thus expels shadows in the home. To allow these vital energies to flourish, the home must be filled with much light. However, one must wary on fluorescent lighting. Likewise, flickering and noise of lights disrupt the flow of vital energies and produces poor health to the home inhabitants. Once a light bulb has been burnt out, it should be immediately replaced to an equal light bulb or greater than it. To replace it with a lower light bulb will depress the vital energies and causes your health, wealth and career to be at risk.

Feng Shui principles may just be basically used to harmonize your surroundings to give you a pleasant home to live in. Once you try following the Feng Shui to correct the trouble spots in your home, the vital energies will start to flow positively and may do much more to your life.

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