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Using Coat Racks to Decorate Vintage Clothing


If you think that coat racks can be used only to hang coats and hats, then think again. With little imagination you can transform an ordinary coat rack into an object of art. In fact they provide a perfect opportunity to showcase you decorating skills.

Displaying vintage clothing on coat racks is one of the best decorating ideas. If you have wall mounted coat racks then they will work perfectly to display your vintage scarves, bonnets or hats. Shawls, gowns and cloaks will look better on a floor mounted coat rack. If you are about to purchase a coat rack for decorating purposes then look for quality and materials that will blend well with your home décor. Pinching your purse to choose a generic coat rack will not give you the desired effect.

For wall-mounted coat racks, solid hardwood is best and for a floor-standing coat rack wrought iron, bent wood or brass can give a classy look. You can even choose coat racks with decorative paintings to add to your accent.

Wooden coat rack

Adding an etched mirror to your wall-mounted coat rack will serve to add beauty as well as please you guests by giving them an opportunity to check their appearance while coming in or going out. Or you can add a plate rack on top to display your decorative plates or other collectibles.

If you are wondering where to find vintage clothing, then check out estate sales or a store that specializes in vintage clothing. Even second-hand stores collect these items and you can get them for a bargain. If your budget doesn’t include the real thing then an imitation vintage clothing store will work out just as good as the real stuff.

You can also look out for merchants who supply vintage reproduction clothing to living history events like the Renaissance festivals or Civil War Re-enactments. An easy way to find them is to look them up in the internet. Though these reproduction clothing can look quite real they will also put a big dent in your purse.
While choosing vintage hats and bonnets, instead of sticking to one single era, choosing hats from different eras with different styles will add flavour to your accent. Also, adding a vintage cane or a colourful umbrella along with the hats and bonnets will be a nice contrast. Instead of choosing formal or new looking hats, hats that have a well-worn look but unique in style will be very effective.

Original Iron coat rack

Similarly, for a floor-standing coat rack you can include a bright shawl amongst dark and stylish formal wear. You can also throw in a vintage hand bag or lingerie to the mix. Instead of hanging gowns perfectly, just throw them casually to give an asymmetrical look.

The possibilities are endless. With a little imagination and creativity you can give the coat rack a stunning make over. See that you use an excellent quality coat rack to show case the vintage clothing or any other decorative items (as decorative pieces of glass or sticker decors) of your choice.

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