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Want to make use of those old objects in your attic?


More often, remodeling or refurbishing of the item of decoration itself would be necessary before you can take it out for decoration. Fabrics used for old lamps for example, if they are damaged in any way, the essence of using it for decoration is lost, EXCEPT if you remove the fabric and replace it with any fabric more suitable (if you can find a suitable fabric in your assortments, then all the better). Old blankets that have been ripped and torn in some areas (don’t mend them, you would lose the continuity of the fabric in the process) should be cut and separated to make individual sheets of undamaged fabric (make them as large as possible).

Antique rocking chair

Finally, the remodeled material should be used in whatever it is fit to be used for, calling for a strategy that involves planning the materials’ modeling and decoration use AFTER the remodeling and refurbishing. For example, the cut and separated fabric should be used depending on how large the sizes turned out. If the size is large enough, then you can probably use them as curtain replacements, or if they’re small enough, as a fabric placemat for your table. Use your imagination and sense of symmetry to recreate a style and fashion using the old materials that you have collected and remodeled. Don’t forget though if something is damaged way over its limit, it cannot be revived anymore using any remodeling or refurbishing methods, and should be left to the materials graveyard for good.

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