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What are Grapevine Wreaths for?

Grapevine Wreaths


We often appreciate grapevine wreaths when we see how it uniquely adds beauty to where you like it. Mostly, they are placed on the doors on Christmas Eve; because it is closely linked to the religions and the birth of Jesus.

However, can you decorate any moment of the year with one of them? Grapevine wreaths are actually available in stores with the varying sizes from 2 “to 18” in diameter. And there are more to grapevine wreaths for you to use artistically. Although undoubtedly; one of the most lugubrious occasions in which they are worn, is during funerals. But that only demonstrates the versatility of the same, however; today at Decorating Visita Casas, we bring you a little more of their history, how to make yours and what other creative use to give them.

Because grapevine wreaths are not just for Christmas

[one_half_first]They can be used as a window treatment. You can make use of the wreaths by placing it on the window. Have the wreaths be embellished with ribbons; and twine around them or make use of the dried flowers or even fake flowers, silk butterflies to add decors to your wreath. Then place hooks or long nails where you can hang your wreaths at the top of the window; placing one wreath at each end or if you have a wider window add another decorated wreath.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Have a ready-made, ready-made or from discount stores. You can use this fabric to drape through the wreaths and have the fabric hem along its sides; and with the use of hemming tapes, finish the edges. Measure how long you will want the fabric to hang and how wide your window is. After you have your fabric ready, you can now hang your grapevine wreath as a window treatment.

And that’s just one of the few ways you can use it. But maybe we will go very fast; so, what do you think if we first talked about how to build your own grapevine wreaths from scratch; so you do not have to spend money unnecessarily?

Make your own grapevine wreaths

Although it is obvious what we are going to tell you, it is equally important to point out; and is that the larger the grapevine you use, the more voluminous the wreaths will be at the end. The smaller ones are great for decorating the interior doors of the house. The doors of the bedrooms or even the top of the mirror in the room.

The more grids are those that we can use for the treatment of windows. But now let’s learn how to make a circle with a medium-sized grapevine. The secret is in letting the grapevine dictate how the wreath will be; for this you will need grapevine that is still “green” otherwise it will simply break into your hands as you fold it.

Just keep in mind that even if you use a noble grapevine, though there may be branches that will break; so do not worry and just start to shape the circle. Once you have completed the first circle, you only need to take one of those branches and wrap it around. In that way, the circle will maintain its shape in a natural way.

Keep in mind that you are not looking for perfection, that is; a circle lacking in character. And that’s what we mean when you say you should let the grapevine dictate the rhythm and final appearance of the wreath.

You will notice then that the grapevine begins to be easier to manipulate and; when that happens, it’s time to start giving him that twisted look that we all like. Remember that this is a job with a simple grapevine, thin and not very long but; what if we want something more complex?

Making Great Grapevine Wreath

For this type of Grapevine Wreath you will need elements of gardening safety and some tools or materials; but the end result will definitely be worth the effort.

Materials to Make a Larger Grapevine Wreath:

  • Pruning shears
  • Wire
  • Gloves

Defining the size of the Grapevine Wreath

This is the most crucial step; you should choose the thickest grapevine but be able to bend without breaking it. Learning to choose the right one may take some practice; many people do not take a single piece but two or even three, then the joints using the wire. But the true desired result is achieved using a single large piece.

Once you have defined the size you will have, it is time to make use of wire and pruning shears; not an easy job but never try to fight against the grapevine. However, tighten it firmly so that it does not come loose while you are placing the rest of the branches.

Winding and Tucking

The key is to always use the longest vines first; you will even notice that some elements are thicker than your “base circle” but okay. Remember that size was defined with one that did not threaten to break.

It is very important that you use gloves for this process; from your own experience I tell you that, the chips can be very painful. And a very important detail is to try to use as little wire as possible at this point.

Decorating Your Grapevine Wreath

The final details are the most crucial. They will define what type of Grapevine Wreath you will have. Being so linked with the different religions of the world; some may seem a little out of place depending on your decor. So keep the following guidelines in mind.

Placing Candles in the Grapevine Wreath

The circular shape symbolizes heaven and eternity; this form is reinforced with the placement of lights in the four cardinal points of Grapevine Wreath.

This decoration is used mostly in Grapevine Wreath which is not vertically placed on a surface; but lying on the ground. Had you ever thought of placing a Grapevine Wreath on a table? Well now you know what is possible and what you will transmit with that decorative concept.

Heaven and eternity; a decoration very useful for a romantic dinner or a family reunion; which does not have to be associated with Christmas.

For this you must also implement candles of certain colors and place them on the Grapevine Wreath; although it can also be used according to the Catholic traditions of the sixteenth century.

In that sense, the candles should be lit progressively every Sunday; the candles in this way signify the light of hope brought by Jesus Christ, and for this purpose the Grapevine Wreath may even be blessed by a priest.

The meaning of the Grapevine Wreath

The symbol of the Grapevine Wreath as such is divided in both shape and color; seen in detail we can say that:

  • The circle: It represents eternity in having no beginning or end.
  • The green branches: They represent hope and life.
  • The four candles: The light of hope that Jesus Christ gives to every person in the world.
  • The Red color: It represent God’s love for humanity.

The meaning may vary from one religion to another; but the use of the technique with which they are created, is currently being applied to windows as a source form of protection and decoration.

We would like to see the results of your decorations with Grapevine Wreath; so do not hesitate to send us a photo of your work!


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