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Working your floors with Linoleum


The floor cannot just be taken for granted because it reflects the shape and use of the room. There are actually a lot of materials that you can use on your floors, like linoleum. Linoleum is natural flooring with good and durable quality, and inexpensive also. It was invented in year 1863 by Frederick Walton and became popular on 1950s where it was widely used in residential and commercial structures. It slowed down when vinyl flooring reduced its cost but linoleum still keeps resurgent. It rises again and now we can sight linoleum flooring in malls, offices, schools and other buildings.

Linoleum flooring is made up of organic resources such as linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, limestone and jute. With linoleum you can have your own unique flooring design in your home or office because of its character that it can be cut. This is not only what’s beautiful with linoleum, other advantages of it are as follows:
• Biodegradable –when it comes to disposal and manufacturing.
• Creates no toxin –it is environment –friendly.
• Comfortable and supple.
• High life expectancy –lasts for decades with a minimal maintenance.
• Water resistant –a good choice for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and mudroom.
• Anti-microbial –also good in hospitals and schools as well as in kid’s nursery rooms.
• Has a traditional and contemporary design which makes it flexible and beautiful to use.

Linoleum flooring

If linoleum flooring has its strengths and advantages, it also has it s weakness and disadvantages. Here are some:
• Not heat resistant -so placing an oven or stove near it is not advisable.
• Cutting and preparing directly to it should be avoided.
• It must be protected from moisture in the sub floors so this is not a good choice in the flooring of your basements or concrete sub floors.

These advantages and disadvantages mentioned will be a guide for you in choosing linoleum in your flooring. If you already have it installed and sealed in your floors (basement included), the next step to be taken is on how you can keep it with you for years and decades. Here are some tips and things to remember in maintaining your linoleum flooring:
• Sweeping and mopping your tiles will maintain its cleanliness and beauty.
• In mapping, use a little amount of water and mop it in the area.
• Remember not to keep the water for a very long time in the linoleum floor because it might loosen the tiles.
• Adding a small amount of baby oil in the water will help restore the natural oils that was lost over time.
• A small amount of detergent too will be good in cleaning the floor.
• Always keep in mind not to use strong and harsh cleaners in your tiles. Cleaners who have high and low ph can discolor your tiles.

Floor with linoleum

Maintaining and keeping your linoleum floor lasts is that easy and stress-free. One can do it in a quick and lesser time. Indeed this beautiful and inspired flooring will make your home more marvelous and interesting with the unique and decorative tiles which can go from traditional to modern design.

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  1. I recently installed linoleum in the entry way to my office and I am thinking about extending it throughout the entirety. It is so durable and easy to keep clean that I don’t know why I didn’t think of installing it sooner. I highly recommend it!

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