Advantages of latex acrylic paint vs. oil-based paint

• Latex acrylic paint have water soluble base thus may be easily applied and can be dried up within 1-2 hours. This kind of paint also produces less odor than the solvent paints. Oil-based paint on the other hand requires longer drying period around 24 hours. Moreover, oil-based paint produces strong odor.
• Latex acrylic is also less expensive than the oil-based paint.
• Latex acrylic paint is resistant to fading, chalking, blistering and peeling while oil-based paint may become brittle thus may lead to peeling and chalking. Blistering in oil-based paint may also appear over time.

• Latex paint is preferred to be used in exterior painting as this kind of paint is less prone to fading. Oil-based paint is susceptible to mildew thus may not be preferred for exterior painting.
Latex acrylic paint is non-flammable while oil-based paint is highly flammable.
• Latex acrylic paint may be easily disposed while oil-based paint cannot be easily disposed due to its hazardous material components. Turpentine is also required in cleaning up oil-based paint.

As they say, painting indeed is a remarkable way to bring life to a once dull space. While the right color is one of the major considerations for choosing, color is not entirely the basis for selecting paint. In choosing oil-based paint vs. latex acrylic paint, it would be wise to choose paint depending on the texture of your existing wall surface, how easily you like it to be cleaned up later on and the appearance that you like your walls to have. Ultimately, you need to wisely select how well the paint will last and wear in your walls.