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How to Paint Patio Furniture?


A patio is usually an outdoor space in the house. It usually has paving stones as a “floor”. It is a place where your kids can play, have your social events held and it is where you would sit outdoors on a nice day or evening.

Patio is also called a terrace or a porch. It could be enclosed with a fence. It is usually located at the side or back of the house for privacy. Since it is like an outdoor living room, you can find different sets of furniture in your patio-outdoor furniture.

Patio furniture is different from the interior furniture for they require some special cleaning or repainting-they are usually rough and tumble. Outdoor furniture requires a lot of maintenance for they are exposed to all kinds of elements such as weather conditions. That is why you have to keep a watch and take a good care of them. Another solution is to use furniture covers. If damage occurs, the most suggested way to repair your patio furniture is through repainting. If you decide on painting your patio furniture there are a lot of things to consider.

Outdoor sofas

Painting patio furniture depends on what type of materials your furniture is made of. Modern day patio usually would have either wood or metal furniture. Painting decision is based on whether your furniture is wood, metal or plastic. Before engaging to the painting session, one must consider the following tips:
• First, clean the furniture and its surface.
• Next, remove all cushions and other accessories.
• Then, feather the edges of any chips or scratches by using a medium-fine sandpaper for wooden and metal furniture.
• Have the furniture taken to a safe area where paint spills will not damage the surroundings.
• Finally, cover the ground with a large piece of plastic and place the furniture on top of it if bringing it to other places is not possible.

The following are some tips that can be considered on how to paint patio furniture.

• Wood Furniture.
The type of wood should be put into consideration. You can use enamel paints if you have furniture from Redwood or Cedar. For teak furniture you use non-oil based paints like “acrylic latex paint” or you can look for outdoor furniture paint. For soft woods such as oak, you might wanna consider sealing it before painting as this type of wood are more vulnerable to weathering and decay.

Outdoor dinning set (chairs, table and sunshade)

Metal Furniture.
Metal outdoor furniture is usually weather proof; metal or aluminum made usually. For the first coat, consider using metal primer or rust retardant type of paint. You can use enamel for the second coating.

• Plastic Furniture.
They can either wear or become faded. You can use Krylon Fusion and other spray paint suited for painting plastics.

Having a well maintained and good looking patio can surely make your home more inviting not just from the outside.

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