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How to Clean Hardwood Floors


Back in the old westerns, it used to be that hardwood floors are cleaned with buckets and buckets of soapy warm water and scrubbed clean stripping the floors of dirt, scrapes and its old glory. Over time coupled with harsh forces of nature, hardwood floors will just look like well worn slats if we don’t take good regular care of it.

One way of taking care of it is to know how to clean hardwood floor. Like any regular floors, we have to keep dirt and dust particles off as much as possible by sweeping and vacuuming as frequently as needed. Make sure that when you vacuum though, you use a soft brush only when it comes to hardwood floors. This is to avoid light and faint scrapes when using hard brushes designed for tiled floors. Strategically placing floor mats at each entrance of the room with hardwood floors can also keep some of the dirt off and keep it outside. Whether you have real hardwood floors or polyurethane-coated ones, it is best to keep a few pointers in how to clean wooden floors. Like any wood surface, hardwood floors require special care and attention, too.

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Aside from the regular sweeping and vacuuming, here are a few ways on how you can clean your hardwood floors and maintain its polished look for a longer period of time:
Mopping regularly like once a week can improve the clean look and clean feel of hardwood floors. Using a warm soapy mixture, dip the mop into it. Make sure it’s only slightly but evenly wet and not dripping with the mixture. Use single direction strokes on the length of the slats so that when you dry it up afterwards, it won’t have faint traces of strokes in different directions. Repeat the mopping process but just use fresh water this time. This will clean off the soapy residue of the solution on the floor. And then buff dry with clean old towels that you use as rugs. This absorbs any remaining moisture on the floors. Remember that hardwood expands when exposed to excessive water, so avoid drips, soaks and pools on its surfaces.

Cleaning of stains may require the aid of some professional cleaning product especially designed for hardwood floors. Make sure to spray on the solution to stained spots only and do as directed. Some solutions may be too strong and can affect polyurethane coated hardwood floors’ surfaces. The blot and dry process using soft rugs can be very helpful on the stain removal process. This avoids stripping off the laminated look of the wood surface.

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Buffing can help in restoring the polished look of hardwood floors by bringing back its luster. You can apply a commercial grade wax or wood shiners available in the market and buff the floors using a soft rug or cloth. Apply as evenly as possible to attain a great finish look. Hardwood floors signify simplicity and natural beauty. It denotes timelessness and elegance as well. To achieve the look, one must take care of it by regular cleaning and maintenance. This way, hardwood floors can last more than a lifetime of beauty and comfort.

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