Home Seclusion and Protection

Solitude is something we want at certain times and we usually find it in our sanctuary, our home. It is where we can find safety and security. Doors and windows are closed but we are not totally safe from harm if there is an electric light on in the room, especially at night. It can throw silhouettes on the shade and because of that, outsiders are free to observe your every move. We may be caught unaware that strangers are watching everything we do and we have to be carefully since not everyone who is watching us has innocent intentions.

One way to guarantee our safety and privacy is to use curtains, blinds and shades as the covering of our windows. We just have to be sure that the materials they are made of are substantial enough to prevent the silhouette effect happening. This window security method is not just for safety purposes but also for home decoration. It is seen as a major feature of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. There are plenty of wonderful selections of window treatments you might consider choosing. Various designs fit certain areas better than others and blinds act exceptionally in the group. Curtains may also contrast or coordinate with the overall decor in the room. With no silhouettes on the shade, window security can be assured! Plus the fact that it is a home décor that can make your room cozy, impressive, elegant and welcoming makes these methods versatile décor items.

Even if you are using an automated security lighting system (although they do give an illusion of tenancy to a property), it has boundaries especially if someone is intentionally watching your window. Many blinds and curtains providing absolute privacy can be automated and connected to a security system so that they are already drawn for you on your come back from work or give a look of occupancy when the family is out.

Window blinds will not allow any stray silhouettes to announce to the darkness outside what you are doing in the house if treated with a blackout finish. Some blinds are made from a substance that is integrally thick, such as Venetian blinds in wood, leather or aluminum and Roman blinds in bamboo would work evenly well at obscuring silhouettes. There are choices in fabric selection that offer synthetic or natural materials so that you can maintain a theme all over the room or even your home, thus creating an illusion of bigger space through the continuity of color or appearance.