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The Do-it-yourself Guide: Proper Roman Blind Installation


Roman blinds are about one of the many kinds of very decorative and innovative decoration articles that you can purchase conveniently nowadays. The modern designs typically present that combination of today’s crafting techniques with the designing techniques of the old, crossing them together to create the roman blind that we know of today. However, installation of the roman blind is not really just pinning them on the window and waiting for it to work itself out, and you need several steps in order for you to properly install it to any window.

You’ll have to know first how you would apply the blind when it is installed. Is it to be situated outside, or inside? But either way, fitting the size of the roman blind to your window would still be important. Try to note down first the size of the window before you go and purchase, so that in case you would need assistance from the shopkeeper, you’ll have the necessary data for them to work on.

Next you’ll have to measure the positioning of the blind so that it will be able to block the sun’s rays at any point of the day (because we all know that the sun moves from the east to the west as the day passes. Make sure that the blind is situated at and area where the light can be blocked even when it seeps through the sides of the blind. This procedure is actually quite easier to do if you plan to put the blind outside the window, but a little more adjusting when it’s on the inside won’t actually be that bad.

Mounting of the brackets of the roman blind would simply be determined by its general location. Simply use the brackets as prescribed in the instruction manual that comes with the package, and you can start installing this basic part on either the outside or the inside of the window. For a good installation with all possible obstructions removed from the window, you’ll have to place the blind inside the window frame, to prevent the blind from hitting the upper part of the window frame when it folds upwards. Again, check the alignment of the brackets before the actual assembly, and make sure that you give enough space (not too much, just a very little amount) or allowance for the blind to be able to fold up freely.

Test the blind by trying to see of the blind will fold up, and unfold down nicely (for looped roman blinds, you may have to check the chain stop first before putting on the actual assembly). Check the brackets if they are firmly installed, or if there is a slight change in its alignment. After all checking and adjusting is done, you can now sit back, relax, and protect yourself from the bright sunlight using these lovely roman blinds.

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