7 Landscaping Tips in Choosing Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

7 Landscaping Tips in Choosing Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

It’s a no-brainer that above ground pools are not installed on the ground, hence the words “above the ground”. Do not set the pool on the ground while landscaping around it, because the soil wall can cause component failure.

If the surrounding deck area, pool design and landscaping are done perfectly; an above ground swimming pool can be camouflaged to make it look like an in-ground pool.

It might look a bit intimidating the fact of using the word “perfectly” nevertheless; we in Decorating Visita Casas give you tips that we apply ourselves at the moment of setting up these kind of pools for our clients and friends.

Anyway; it is important for you to take into account that installing the pool is very different than decorating it.

A solid base is the primordial thing to have; and it would be irresponsible not stating certain things before explaining how to decorate using the landscaping technique.

Getting the Land Ready for the Perfect Pool

Landscaping Pool

Aside from the cost, the yard space is the main limiting factor on determining the pool size.

If you opt for a pool that’s large and deep enough for diving and jumping into; above ground swimming pools are not the ones you should be looking at.

In-ground pools are ideal for things such as diving and jumping into them.

That is the primordial thing you need to know before continuing.

So; if you are completely sure that people will not use the new pool constantly to dive in then, you can keep reading below.

The ground where the pool will be placed must be compressed or compact, evenly leveled and completely horizontal.

These are the main qualities that you should look for when setting up the pool.

Once you have achieved such features, either by using concrete or sifted sand; then you may proceed to start the set up process.

It does not matter if the pool might be way over ground level or half-buried; at this point landscaping techniques make their appearance for the pool to perfectly integrate to its surroundings.

In order for this to happen; we will speak individually of the most important points to pay attention to.

The Ground

Many people simply ignore the ground at the moment of considering decoration, default floors are not part of the decorative concept that sometimes is expected, and for a pool, the best floor is wood.

Wood color does not only help to reinforce the relaxing aura that comes with having a pool of this type; it also adds a lot of category to the looks of the new yard.

Using wood to build a structure that in some way wraps the pool, also allows hiding the water’s filtering or purification system.

Such structure can be built with vaults or sort of closets to store water toys, towels and even a mini bar.

Wood also give us the option of creating ladders which will grant access to a new solar that will look as the most adequate thing to do from either an inferior or inner view if you follow these advices.

Solar Furniture

Another big mistake is wanting to couple decorative furniture that is meant for relaxing on a ground that simply does not fulfill the needs of such decorations.

Grass; no matter how comfortable and right as it might look like, it’s just not the best option for furniture around the pool. For a good usage of landscaping, you must respect cream colors, pastel, wood and preferably many, a lot of cushions!

Cushions on big “L” shaped furniture; beds below the ground level or even wooden chairs, give that warm yet fun look we created on our pool. Good usage of colors will keep our minds actives or relaxed.

Pools above ground are by themselves a place for numerous group meetings that are seeking more a sharing experience than the extreme diving games.

A family meal with some friends might be enjoyed perfectly if you have a big couch that extends over a wall!

Umbrellas are also Good

We cannot forget that, the typical table for four people or even two of those tables, would be perfect with one umbrella attached.

Even though such tables and chairs might be wood color, they can be painted white; nevertheless, blue is also a very good option and the umbrellas can be decorative with such colors too or at least a variation more ligth.

The main idea it’s to match the umbrella’s color with the water or the structure of the pool for an optimal landscaping.

Water is life, Decorate Green

When we analyzed the ideal landscape to decorate our pool above ground’s surroundings; we came to the conclusion that grass must be eliminated almost entirely from the decoration.

However; green color and plants go in a category totally different from “grass” itself.

Flower plants are a great addition to create the perfect landscape. If the umbrella covered table does not count with a space for a centerpiece then a plant should be next to it.

Walls that surround this kind of landscape can be white; wooden or even slate wall. That if; never forget that it is a simple base looking to give some more lightning to the landscape, green color should be appreciated as mucho or even more than the base itself.

The usage of vertical azaleas or other flower plants that grown good in a not so cold nor hot weather will help enjoyment of the concept of the pool correctly.

REMEMBER: A pool above ground is made for calm delightfulness not for diving.

Good Artificial Lightning 

Landscaping Pool

Pools above ground can be enjoyed as much or even better at night than in the daytime. A group of adults would appreciate a great night landscape with a delicious food and a nice relaxing and sexy bath time.

Thus; artificial lightning of our landscape must take care of two concepts: romanticism and discretion.

Glass is a nice and very assertive add in. However; modern facts such as LED lights should be left for inner parts of the Jacuzzi.

For the landscape of the walls that surround the pool you could use, preferably, candle lights and luminaries of low intensity.

Chandeliers of dwarf candles (even scented ones) are a great option. Also; since the wall chandeliers will not being limited by the ceiling height; they can be alternated on different heights over the white wall canvas.

Another very beautiful way of using lightning on these kinds of romantic/relaxing landscapes is floor torches.

By embedding these sort of torches in the grass before entering to created landscape; and then using the same torch style but on tripods

It Works Wonderfully!

Landscaping Pool

The flames on these kinds of torches are practically eternal and will allow some savings on your next month’s energy bill.

In any case; although the landscape personality should be like the one described above, there are concepts that go very well focused on daylight, that is to say; if you are conscious that this pool will be used mostly during day time; then you could alter some decorative elements.

Instead of so many candles or torches; you can dispense them all and simply add a few cone lights on the wall next to the pool, in such way it’d be moon light the one lightning during those nights of intimacy.

By last not least; the appearance of the landscape will also change abruptly if, before hand, you have in mind that the pool will be uninstalled depending on the season.

A landscape for a movable pool should not be fixed or impossible to remove; thus be really careful with the decorative aspects if you plan on uninstall the pool during certain seasons of the year.


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