Making room for a home theater

With the ever increasing popularity of DVDs, there’s no wonder that a lot of families are making room for a home theater. It’s not just your run of the mill family room, but a miniature cinema for enjoying your favorite movies in the comfort of the home. Why spend all that money going out to see a show when you can invest those high ticket prices into building something that will last a long time? You might dim the lights when watching a movie in your home theater, but you still want the room to have an inviting theme when it’s lit up. The lighting should be recessed and comfortable to the eye. You may choose to include some modern sconce lighting. You should consider painting the walls a nice flat dark or black color.

If you have enough room and money, seating may be arranged in a staggered manner with the rear seating set upon a slight rise or platform to give the effect of a cinema. You might consider buying the recliner style seating that accommodates drinks. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few small pillows and throw blankets to the mix. Be sure to account for the extra room needed for reclining when you are figuring out your plan for your home theater project.

Room for a home theater

Now, you don’t want to leave those dark walls completely bare, so you should keep theme in mind for your home theater. The best compliments for your miniature cinema would be to surround the room with posters on the walls. You can use your imagination to find the right ones. Searching on the internet will bring you all kinds of different movie themed posters. Remember, you can frame a poster and keep it in mint condition if you buy a poster cover or frame for just a few dollars. Now that you have the basis of how to style your home theater, all you need to do is add the movies and popcorn. Have fun with it!

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