Self Decorating Ideas: Flower Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are a good addition to a wall in your home; either applied on a painted wall or on wallpapers. It reinforces the current design that is already present in these walls and adds a nice aesthetic touch and a sense of further completeness in the totality of the wall’s design.

Heart wallpaper border

Flower wallpaper borders create a natural atmosphere to the walls; as most of the themes for these kinds of wallpaper borders are practically seasoned with actual floral designs. But there are also some flower wallpaper borders that offer simpler, comic designs while still keeping the floral motif intact. And here are some suggestions in designing your very own flower wallpaper borders without the need of actual flowers and without the need to know the intricate designs of these flowers.

Of course almost everyone knows what a flower looks like; it’s the part of the plant with the most color and beauty and is characterized by some of its parts such as petals. In this sense, we already know how to represent the image of a flower even in simpler lines and shapes; a circular shape at the center surrounded by petals of varied shapes but of uniform design for each flower.

Flower border

After deciding on the common patter to use, it’s now time to use the materials. Different colors of art paper should be good enough to represent the flora. To cut these shapes in the neatest and most accurate possible, try folding the papers in accordance to the perpendicular length of the whole paper. After you have finished cutting them, you can now apply them on a strip of paper; add additional strip of colored paper on the white paper for additional border look and apply them to the wall with proper adhesives.

If cutting each and every shape into place is too tedious for you, you can opt for a more convenient option; with the use of a photo editing program and a home computer.