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5 Secrets: How To Use Flower Wallpaper Borders To Create A Beautiful Room

wallpaper borders


Wallpaper borders with floral motifs is one of the most popular used in all houses, especially in girls’ rooms.

It is also very common to see it in the main rooms or in the areas of social concurrence; provided that it is the woman of the house who has taken over the decoration or when the house is dominated by women.

At this point it is difficult to do something new, but not for Decorating Visita Casas; today we bring you various techniques and designs to maximize your creativity.

So be prepared to be amazed!

Reinventing Floral Wallpaper

We all know how a flower looks: a stalk, a few leaves, and a leafy center where bees and many petals stand.

That is the basic image we all have in our minds when we imagine a flower and; sure is the version of a flower that we would do if a stranger asks us to draw one.

However, recently I did an exercise with a group of children from a Montessori school in which I asked them to draw a tree and the result surprised me too.

All the trees were different!

But I do not mean that they were special or different on an artistic level, but that they were very different creatively speaking; even a little girl drew a Christmas tree.

It was then that I realized that creativity, if not used, atrophies. It is like another organ in our body.

That’s why they say the creative adult is the child who survived.

wallpaper borders
wallpaper borders

When I transfer that experience to my work as an interior designer, I say to me, “What flower design would be best for that wall?”

I realize then that a flower is not limited to the typical shapes that come to mind; because if I asked a child to draw a flower, it would surely bring me a big surprise again.

So, when we’re designing, the best we can do is to use this sleeping creativity that we all have and; the best way to awaken it is by asking for help from those who have not yet given up their creativity: children!

Designing the new wallpaper

wallpaper borders
wallpaper borders

Do you want to place a strip of wallpaper in your daughter’s room with a floral motif to make her feel surrounded by nature?

The first person you should consult is her, not a professional designer.

A professional designer will make beautiful wallpaper, but surely the cost will be according to the amount of effort you have had to invest. However, if you ask your child to help you design the wallpaper for her room, you will not only save a lot of money, and you will also have a fabulous experience with your princess.

The ideas for designing totally different but beautiful flowers on the wall of your room begin all the same: with paper, pencil and your daughter.

Watch carefully the toys your daughter chooses, her favorite doll and the dress she likes best. Also look at his drawings and above all ask your daughter what kind of flower she would like more.

Now comes the creative part, the unique design. I once used 7 pencils to make a design.

How did I do that?

Simple, I took the 7 pencils and held them tightly with a braid. Then, on a colored sheet, draw my flowers. But they were not ordinary flowers. Using the erasers from my pencils; I impregnated the ink from the stamp I used to seal the clients documents and, without worrying about a particular pattern, I started to fill with “flowers” the colored sheet.

I liked the design so much that I asked for help for a very special person for me and we did about 40 sheets. The final result was beautiful wallpaper, economic and born of creativity and teamwork.

What else could you want?!

Carrying out works on colored A4 sheets is a way to exploit creativity. We are so accustomed to seeing the typical white sheet that, at some point; Our mind is also emptied until it is so.

More ideas for creating wallpaper by hand

Another great ally I have to create wallpaper in colored sheets is: the masking tape. I do not use another type of tape because I have realized that this is the most suitable to work the paper because it does not mistreat it. Remember that this sheets go from the creative table to the wall; It is important that you take care of the integrity of your designs at all times.

wallpaper borders
wallpaper borders

Always wait the necessary time for the designs to dry completely and never stack them under a lot of weight, not even over a large group of themselves. There are other ways to store them while having order.

The design with the masking tape is very similar to the style of painting geometric shapes on the wall (even simple lines); only this time you will use your creativity to design flowers, no matter how abstract the design is.

Remember that the final word is for person in whose room the wallpaper will be placed.

Colored sheets as well as the white sheets are valid, but I recommend that you always verify the thickness of it before using it. Not all have the same density and this, obviously, greatly affects the work;
Especially when it comes to ripping the masking tape.

Wallpaper Borders & Digital Designs

wallpaper borders
wallpaper borders

We could not miss the designs we made in the computer. It is true that there are design programs that can greatly facilitate the work, but the reality is that, for the inexperienced person; so many digital buttons and so many options are simply overwhelming. I could explain how to make a digital design but I have a better alternative.

Design the flower you want for wallpaper using one of the two methods I mentioned before or one that you have developed on your own; but yes, only one sheet. After that sheet has completely dried, using a scanner, digitize your design.

In that way you have saved yourself many hours of struggling with the design program and at your own discretion. Believe me, in front of a monitor, the internal discussions that you have as a designer multiply. Being in a more tangible element like a physical sheet, ideas flow in a more natural way.

Once you have the digitized image, you can use a program as simple as Office WORD. Just add your design as a complete image but always leave a blank margin (only one, so you will not have to trim) and voila; Now you only have to print.

wallpaper borders
wallpaper borders

For a standard wall in a children’s room, the number of sheets I use never exceeds 120.

As we are talking about a design that has been worked with printer, the classic sheets will be more than enough and it does not matter if one is damaged.

As a final recommendation for this type of designs which you should print, I recommend that you focus the main colors to yellow and blue. In our daily life those are the colors that are less spent.

Whether you have a laser printing system or a continuous inkjet system, if you focus the design of the flower to those two colors

you will save many resources.

As long as the customer is satisfied with the final result, if you want to make this a new entrance of money; I recommend and I demand that you have ethics and do not try to force the decoration in the room of a girl. I hope to have helped you with these creative tips for designing your own wallpaper and; If you have a design that you liked a lot, do not forget to leave a photo in the comments.

Here we are always looking for new ideas!


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