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Give a new life to your room: add a heart wall paper border


Do you want something new for your room? Or, something that will make it appears refreshing for a change? If yes, then you should consider these do-it-yourself decorating ideas for making a heart wall paper border. Why a heart wall paper border? Definitely, wall paper borders add up to the colors of your room. It will add art to your plain walls. From a dull room, your place will appear attractive and further appealing. It will also generate the good vibes and bring in positive energies as heart is a universal symbol for love, a strong energy generator of a good feel.

Heart wallpaper border

A wall paper border will save you from spending expensive accessories or decors for your room while producing excellent and very attractive results. Making it doesn’t also cost you that much as you can use the readily available materials at home. Executing it will be also fun as you can play with the design to make your heart wall paper border suit your character. To start your work, you only need the following materials: a finer cardboard for your stencil. If you find it expensive to buy a cardboard you can use your old calendar board. Scissors, marker, paint and paint brush or stencil brush.
Light-blue wallpaper border

The first step in making your wall paper border is to make the stencil. And, the most exciting about the process is designing your own heart pattern. You will make your pattern using the cardboard and a marker and afterwards cut it with scissors and alas, you have already your stencil.

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